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#34 Breaking Addictions

Addictions plague us in many ways that we do not suspect. For instance, we are often aware of drug addictions; but unaware of food addictions and how these addictions can be as bad if not worse than drug addictions.

There are also a variety of ways of neutralizing addictions, many of which are very simple and effective, which are seldom attempted. These addictions can be broken, in a shorter time than many tend to think, if only the willpower is mustered to break them and the right techniques are used.

The Impact of Biotechnology on the Food Supply

During the last couple of decades, biotechnological innovations were sped through the governments of the world. Anyone in these governments who stood in the way was dismissed from their position.

Monsanto is the company which is chiefly responsible for the changes to our agricultural system. Monsanto has been found to have dumped toxic PCB’s in Anniston, Alabama, USA. a move which cost the company 700 Million dollars in lawsuits. Read the rest of this entry »

Beware of the Soy “health food” Hype

In recent years, it has become widely accepted that Soy, prepared in any way, is a health food. It is thought that Soy is an alternative to animal-based foods. Proponents of this ideology often cite the “fact” that Asian cultures, notorious for their excellent health, consume a diet rich in Soy.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth, these beliefs about the Asian use of Soy are simply lies propagated by the very same people who fill their pockets with the money of the misguided individuals who want to improve their health.

Scientific research has linked Soy to a variety of health problems including: cancer, brain damage, hormonal imbalances, thyroid problems, kidney stones, sexual dysfunction and behavior problems. The following article from Dr. Mercola covers most of the information available regarding the dangers of Soy. Read the rest of this entry »

Transitioning to a Healthy Lifestyle

I often encounter individuals who are depressed about their health; they feel that, although they know some of the basics of a healthy lifestyle, there is little to nothing that they can do to change the situation. I was once of the same mindset, and I can honestly say that much can be done with a few fundamental changes in perception.

Many of us fail to realize that, in order to break out of the cycle of self-abuse, it is essential that daily habits come under scrutiny. Unfortunately, however, most of us cleave tightly to our habits as if they were some sort of sacred ritual not to be criticized or changed in any way. This is individualism at its best. I cannot even begin to keep track of the number of health-related exchanges I’ve had with others in which they dismiss rock-solid scientific evidence because it is inconvenient or it causes them to call into question the beneficiality of their daily routines.

One thing that we need to keep in mind, however, is that the human body is a marvelous machine. When it is cared for properly, it will thrive and provide years of happiness and harmony. When it is abused, it will gradually break down and cause physical and spiritual degredation.

Many will argue that they are perfectly happy eating highly processed foods. Sure, they may feel quite well after gulping down a giant soft drink or eating a bag of cheezy poofs; but do any of these people realize what chemical reactions are taking place in their body after imbibing these substances?

Changing to a Vegetable-Based Diet

The human body functions best when its diet consists of un-processed natural ingredients. It is therefore essential that one avoid the center portion of the supermarket, as most of the foods in this portion are highly processed, utilize partially hydrogenated oils and may contain harmful sugar substitutes such as Splenda.

Optimally, 80-90% of our food should be fresh produce, with the bulk of that being above-ground vegetables. Fresh produce contains valuable enzymes, is easy for the body to digest and aids in the elimination of wastes and accumulated toxins.

If you find it difficult to believe that the typical diet is so far off from what it needs to be, try adding a decent amount of produce to your daily intake and note how you feel a week later. If your experience is anything like mine, you will achieve the necessary motivation once you feel the tremendous difference a produce-based diet makes.

Keys to a Healthy Lifestyle

I’ve discovered, through my experiences, that most of the effort consumed while sucessfully transitioning is geared towards restraint. There are many foods available in the supermarket which have some level of toxicity; we have to do our homework and understand this before we place these foods into our bodies.

Here are some interesting resources:

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How You Are Being Fooled at the Meat Counter

The meat industry is utterly corrupt and contemptible. Beware of eating meats from supermarkets and restaurants.

source: mercola.com health blog
Ever wonder why the packaged meat you see at the grocery store almost always looks red? To prevent that pinkish red from fading to brown as it sits at the market waiting to be sold, the meat industry is now infusing its products with carbon monoxide as a “pigment fixative,” according to this awesome piece in today’s Washington Post.

Although the industry claims the practice is harmless, many critics, including me, are quite concerned the FDA has violated its own rules by allowing producers to taint their meat with carbon monoxide without reviewing the practice formally based on human health concerns.

In fact, Tyson Foods, one of three American producers, just opened a $100 million manufacturing facility in Texas to produce these modified atmosphere packaged meats, according to experts.

The loophole that allows company to petition the FDA for special dispensation at the expense of your health: The generally recognized as safe regulatory category called GRAS that allows companies to move forward without a public review or formal governmental approval. (By the way, the European Union banned this practice some four years ago.)

The trick about meat, especially in light of this news: Where it comes from and how it’s cooked is the difference-maker. That’s why you should avoid most meat from grain-fed cattle — pumped up with antibiotics and hormones — sold at the grocery store.

Washington Post February 20, 2006