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The Bomb in the Brain: The True Roots of Human Violence

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The real root of human violence, is not the lack of central planning, state control and laws. The real root, is the use of violence to solve problems. Its particularly bad when violence is used by parents against their children.

That’s why violence always achieves the opposite of the intended effect. Violence begets violence; therefore centralizing power in the hands of the state will simply result in more violence and a lower quality of life for everyone (except the parasites who benefit from violence).

The physical, emotional and medical effects of child abuse. You cannot understand or oppose the violence of the world without understanding its true source…

Statism: Just Another Giant Stone Cow

Statism is little more than a vestige from our past, an anachronism. Like those ancient stone gods you see pictures of, such as those in the Amazon. If you weren’t part of that culture and indoctrinated with the bullshit from an early age, it has little effect on you.

Statism is just like those statues. We see it so easily when looking at states in other parts of the world or statues in other parts of the world. We think, “how can people go along with this and believe it.” Almost always, the reason people go along with it, is because enough people fear the consequences of not having a state, because they have been taught, from a very early age, that human life could not exist without rulers.

Human life can and has existed without rulers and it has the potential to thrive under such conditions.

New VLOG Coming Soon: Anarchist/Voluntaryist FAQ

Ok, I had a bout of inspiration as I woke up today. I had been a bit torn on what I would do as one of my first “full fledged” vlogs (with the new mic, backdrop, mixer, webcam, etc).

The topic of the vlog is going to be, “Anarchism/Voluntarism FAQ”. In this VLOG, I intend to answer many of the questions I often get, the easy questions and especially the tough questions. Feel free to add your question here and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do some research; but it WILL be answered. Read the rest of this entry »

Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

This pretty much distills down to 20 minutes what is fucked up about statism and the world of today. Larken Rose is a brilliant speaker who gets his message across quite succinctly.

Anarchast Interview with Mike Shanklin

Found an interesting video podcast on anarchism (voluntaryism). They discuss here, a number of interesting topics of interest to people who want a less coercive society.

Anarchast Ep. 27 with Mike Shanklin

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In this episode, Jeff Berwick talks with Mike Shanklin.

Topics covered:

  • Ron Paul and Anarchy
  • Future opportunities
  • The future of Anarchy

Self Knowledge

“…we resist knowledge about ourselves, to a large part, because we wish not to know the truth about society. There’s a theory that depressed people are depressed because they’ve actually learned the truth about the world we live in.
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