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Elephants Painting Pictures

You will be amazed to see that Elephants are capable of painting elaborate imagery with brushes held by their trunks. This is a video of an Elephant who paints a picture of an Elephant holding a flower.

Undeniable Proof of Extra-Terrestrial Life

Most people think an instance has never occurred, where the existence of extra-terrestrial life can be verified, in full view of the public. I am here to tell you, however, that proof exists; this proof clearly shows that extra-terrestrials are present in Earth orbit.

Where does the proof come from? The footage from NASA, gathered during STS-75.

The tether mission video shows the tether breaking and moving away from the Space Shuttle. Later you can see large craft, which are clearly flying BEHIND the tether, indicating that it is not simply “dust and debris.”

Watch and you shall see… Read the rest of this entry »

Evidence of the Existence of Aliens and Extra-Terrestrial Craft

A friend recently showed me some interesting footage, much of which is not widely known of outside of the UFO/ET research community. The footage is enough to make anyone rethink their assumptions about whether or not advanced life-forms are actively interacting with the Earth and its people.

The first video is a NASA video, which was shot their famous “tether mission,” where they unfurled a tether that was several kilometers long. The tether broke and went spinning off into space where it stretched out.

While they were filming the tether, they started seeing several sorts of craft flying all around the tether, both in front of and behind, some of these craft were over 2km in Diameter, judging from their size in relation to the huge tether and their appearance behind it, signifying that the craft must be at least the length of the proportion of the tether which it spans in the image. Read the rest of this entry »

7/7/7 Crop Circles: 1,033-Foot-Long Wheat Formation “Happened Within 90 Minutes.”

Crop circles are one of the most visible forms of paranormal phenomena and they occur regularly in certain parts of the world. A recent crop circle, found in East Field, Alton Barnes, is one of the most bizarre examples of crop circle formation to date. In this case the researchers were anticipating the crop circle formation and had their cameras ready to record what happened.

For an in-depth look at the paranormal evidence, check out Linda Moulton Howe’s investigative report on the events of July 7, 2007. Read the rest of this entry »