The Impact of Biotechnology on the Food Supply

During the last couple of decades, biotechnological innovations were sped through the governments of the world. Anyone in these governments who stood in the way was dismissed from their position.

Monsanto is the company which is chiefly responsible for the changes to our agricultural system. Monsanto has been found to have dumped toxic PCB’s in Anniston, Alabama, USA. a move which cost the company 700 Million dollars in lawsuits.

Monsanto’s PCB dumping has affected countless people.

  • it has killed many people
  • displaced people from their homes
  • continues to destroy the lives of people to this day

As if this weren’t enough, Monsanto even developed one of the chemicals in Agent Orange which is what the U.S.A. sprayed on, not only the people of Vietnam, but also their own soldiers; destroying the lives of thousands during the Vietnam Conflict.

If you want the details, as well as an in-depth overview, showing how the biotechnological behemoths have destroyed agriculture as we know it, take an evening to watch The World According to Monsanto.

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