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Dr. Mercola Interviews Chris Kresser on Heart Disease, Cholesterol and Fat

I suspect that if you get your health information from your average doctor or media source; that most of what you think you “know” about heart disease, fat and cholesterol is wrong. This is a very well done summary of why and what you can start to look into, to understand this better. Its amazing to me that a profession so important as medicine is unable to even adapt to the scientific information available to it.

Why You Should Filter Your Own Water

Many are concerned about the quality of their drinking water, so they buy bottled water. Many will even pay $1-3 dollars a gallon for drinking water; even going so far as buying water which was shipped from overseas.

I once had a roommate who frequently drank the imported “gourmet” San Pellegrino mineral water. Every day he would drink two or three bottles of the stuff. Funny thing is, when the guy finally left, I cleaned up his huge mess and filled two large green city trash cans (the kinds that the garbage trucks pick up like small dumpsters). There must have been a few hundred of them, which probably cost around a thousand dollars.

Just crunching a few numbers reveals that, even spending a dollar or two a day, is enough to justify purchasing a filter. If that isn’t enough, much of the bottled water is comparable if not worse than the water coming out of the tap.

Now the kind of filter I’m talking about isn’t a “Britta” or “Pur” filter, I’m talking about a filter that gets out the junk that those filters can’t. The filter you need to get, if you really want to clean your water, is a “reverse osmosis” water filter. These reverse osmosis filters remove Fluoride, Chlorine, Lead, Sediment; it removes 99% of the contaminants from the water.

If you get a decently priced, high quality system, such as the 5-stage filters at freedrinkingwater.com, you can filter your water for about 2 cents a gallon. So if you were to use 3 gallons of bottled water a day @ $0.79/gal versus reverse-osmosis water at $0.02/gal, you essentially save $0.77/gal which amounts to an $843 per year savings.

Once you buy the filter, the only other purchases are the replacement filters; which need replacing about once annually, and cost about $40. Its not much of a cost for having all of the clean water you can use for a year; and it encourages you to drink water, since it is readily available.

Bottled Water Found Contaminated with Medications, Fertilizer, Disinfection Chemicals

Natural News

(NaturalNews) Bottled water across the country contains a wide variety of toxic substances, according to laboratory tests conducted by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

“Our tests strongly indicate that the purity of bottled water cannot be trusted,” the study authors write. “Given the industry’s refusal to make available data to support their claims of superiority, consumer confidence in the purity of bottled water is simply not justified.”

Researchers conducted comprehensive tests at the renowned University of Iowa Hygienic Laboratory on 10 leading bottled water brands, purchased from retailers in nine states and the District of Columbia (D.C.). A total of 38 toxic pollutants were detected altogether, with each brand containing an average of eight. Chemicals detected included fluoride, byproducts of chlorine-based disinfection, caffeine, pharmaceutical drugs, fertilizer residue, plasticizers, solvents, fuel propellants, arsenic, other minerals and heavy metals, and radioactive isotopes. Four brands also contained bacteria.

More than a third of the chemicals detected are not regulated by the bottled water industry. Voluntary industry standards regulate the following two-thirds, but water purchased in five states and in D.C. contained levels of some carcinogens in excess of even the industry’s standards.

“In other words, this bottled water was chemically indistinguishable from tap water,” the authors write. “But with promotional campaigns saturated with images of mountain springs, and prices 1,900 times the price of tap water, consumers are clearly led to believe that they are buying a product that has been purified to a level beyond the water that comes out of the garden hose.”

Further analysis at the University of Missouri found that when applied to breast cancer cells, one brand of water led to a 78 percent increase in proliferation rate compared with untreated cells. The addition of estrogen-blocking chemicals noticeably reduced this effect.

“Though this result is considered a modest effect relative to the potency of some other industrial chemicals … the sheer volume of bottled water people consume elevates the health significance of the finding,” the researchers write.

The researchers were unable to determine if estrogen-mimics in the water came from the water itself or had leached out of the plastic bottle.

In accordance with standard scientific practice, the report does not name the brands tested. Exceptions were made for the brands Sam’s Choice (Wal-Mart) and Acadia (Giant), however, which contained toxin levels high enough to violate California law.

Samples of both brands tested positive for trihalomethanes, which have been linked to reproductive disorders and cancer. The chemicals form when water disinfectants react with pollution. The water also contained bromodichloromethane, a carcinogen regulated under California law. In response, EWG is preparing a lawsuit against Wal-Mart to require that Sam’s Choice water contain the legally required notice: “WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.”

Acadia-brand water is not sold in California.

Bottled water purchased from these brands also exceeded the bottled water industry’s voluntary standards.

“The bottled water industry boasts that its internal regulations are stricter than the FDA bottled water regulations,” the researchers write, “but voluntary standards that companies are failing to meet are of little use.”

Western Medicine: Making a Living off of Sickness and Disease

You could see me reaching
So why couldn’t you have
Met me halfway
You could see me bleeding
But you could not put
Pressure on the wound

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You could see me breathing
But you still kept
Your hand over my mouth
You could feel me seething
But you just turned
Your nose up in the air

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

— Incubus – Mexico

Recent experiences with the Western (Allopathic) medical system have made me keenly aware of how Allopathy built primarily as a business model, and has very little of its workings geared towards genuine healing; or a connection between the doctor and patient.

I’ve long known this to be the case, ever since my first experience with “alternative” medicine, in fact. I can say, from my own experiences, that having a connection with the healer is a large part of becoming truly healthy and rejuvenated. All of the healers with whom I have had such a connection were involved in “alternative” healing practices.

My wife recently gave birth to a daughter, and events transpired in a way that we actually needed the hospital at some point. From the very beginning of the experience, the doctors pretended that the prenatal care we received from our mid-wife was non-existent. They even wrote on their forms that we had “no prenatal care.” Lumping us into the category of girls who have their babies in the bathroom stall at their high school.

I don’t really care to get into the whole “story” of everything, but it will suffice to say that I’ve seen quite a lot of disturbing practices in this field of medicine we call neo-natology.

Just today, I was thinking about why it is that I find myself so infuriated at the Allopathic medical system, and it seems to boil down to a few main points:

  • The vast majority of the “treatments” they utilize are pharmaceuticals, forsaking many generations of wisdom amassed by homeopathy.
  • Many of their pharmaceuticals are dangerous and even deadly, and many of the doctors make their living solely off of their ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals; so you won’t see any movement to change this from them.  They often do not know any more than what the sales rep taught them.
  • If I do, in fact, need a pharmaceutical for some reason.  I must pay a $50+ dollar office visit fee to an MD and convince them that I need it, then go to a pharmacy and pay another $40+ dollars to acquire the drug.  This makes it very difficult for people on a shoestring budget to get treatments in the conventional sense.
  • The AMA lobbyists have gamed the system in such a way that one cannot get insurance coverage for visits to alternative medicine practitioners.  The closest thing you can get to “alternative medicine” is Chiropractic; and even those guys get treated like dirt by the rest of the medical community.  This leaves Allopathy at an unfair advantage and doesn’t allow individuals to make their own choices of what kind of medicine they wish to use.
  • Allopathic doctors are often cocky and arrogant; they rarely wish to hear the concerns of their patients.  They generally are not willing to stray from the pack on their treatment recommendations, even if there is a perfectly valid argument to do so.  This is probably because they are most interested in covering their asses, and not with making a patient well.

The only reason Allopathy is so strong in this part of the world, is because people do not want to do their own research; but would rather simply allow the doctors to do whatever they please, pay the co-pay, pick up the drugs and be done with it.  They may alleviate their symptoms in this way, but the underlying problem is not resolved.

Problems in your body are caused by a lack or an excess, not by the lack of a drug.  Drugs fool the body into thinking that the problem is solved; they do not actually solve the problem.

I am thoroughly disgusted with these doctors, the way they use people: having them come in for “office visits” and telling them things they already knew then sending them on their way.  “That will be $50 dollars please.”

Then you have the hospitals, who literally get away with highway robbery.  My insurance company was billed over $14,000 for the doctors help in delivery and the two nights my wife spent at the hospital.

All of the doctors we saw were cold, passive and didn’t strike me as healers at all.  They seemed to me more like cleaver students who know how to play all of the games, without getting too many of their own ideas about medicine.  Even obvious things like giving pro-biotics to a baby who has trouble with food digestion are completely unknown to the hospital.

We actually had doctors refuse to give our daughter pro-biotics, saying that they were “too controversial.”  Imagine that, the bacteria that naturally resides in your intestines is considered “controversial.”

I still have difficulty waking up every morning into a society, where the healers are instead parasites.  If we are to ever grow into a better society, we are going to need real healers, not these charlatans who go around masquerading as medical practitioners.

We are just going to have to recognize them for what they are and route their controlling influence out of our lives however we can.

New Method of Life Extension Discovered

There are a number of relatively simple methods to lengthen life. Calorie restrictions via methods such as fasting and dietary restriction are highly accessible techniques, which can easily be done by anyone. Another method is to use anti-oxidant rich foods and supplements in your diet, such as fresh raw vegetables.

Now a new method has been discovered, which extends the anti-oxidant technique already in use. This method utilizes heavy water, which has anti-oxidant properties. According to the research already done on fruit flies, it doesn’t take much to have a major life-extending effect.

Could Drinking Heavy Atoms Lengthen Your Life?

source: mercola.com

In a back room of New Scientist’s offices in London, I sit down at a table with the Russian biochemist Mikhail Shchepinov. In front of us are two teaspoons and a brown glass bottle. Shchepinov opens the bottle, pours out a teaspoon of clear liquid and drinks it down. He smiles. It’s my turn.

I put a spoonful of the liquid in my mouth and swallow. It tastes slightly sweet, which is a surprise. I was expecting it to be exactly like water since that, in fact, is what it is – heavy water to be precise, chemical formula D2O. The D stands for deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen with an atomic mass of 2 instead of 1. Deuterium is what puts the heavy in heavy water. An ice cube made out of it would sink in normal water.

My sip of heavy water is the culmination of a long journey trying to get to the bottom of a remarkable claim that Shchepinov first made around 18 months ago. He believes he has discovered an elixir of youth, a way to drink (or more likely eat) your way to a longer life.

Many anti-aging medications are based on supplementing your body’s own defenses with antioxidant compounds such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, though there is scant evidence that this does any good.

Shchepinov realized there was another way to defeat free radicals. While he was familiarizing himself with research on aging, his day job involved a well-established – if slightly obscure – bit of chemistry called the isotope effect. On Christmas day 2006, it dawned on him that putting the two together could lead to a new way of postponing the ravages of time. Read the rest of this entry »

Ayurveda: The Art of Being

When you go into a allopathic hospital or doctor’s office, do you get the impression that it is missing something.  The most apparent aspect of this form of “medicine” is the fact that most of the “treatments” involve a great deal of money and highly profitable drugs.  Indeed, it looks as if the importance of money has outstripped healing in the medical paradigm of today.

For those of us who want to heal in a different way a more mature form of medicine exists; but it is more than just medicine, it is also an awareness of life.  Ayurveda has been with us for thousands of years and it carries with it the knowledge of healing and well-being that is long lost by the proponents of allopathy.

When a more in-depth solution is sought, to heal the root causes of our ailments, the Ayeurvedic principles often have the answers.  Ayurveda sees the body as a microcosm of the whole and the physician is the conveyor belt between the two, dampening any deficiencies of excesses, to bring things into balance.

[googlevideo 4697724121661222905]

Natural Remedies for Pilonidal Cysts

A Pilonidal Cyst is a blanket term for any type of skin infection near the coccyx. These are normally quite painful, occur somewhat more often in men than in women, and normally happen in early adulthood. Although usually found near the coccyx, this painful condition can be found in several places, including the navel or the armpit.

Development of the condition in a place other than the coccyx is exceedingly rare, however. It usually happens in young people, up to their thirties in age. Conditions in which it commonly occurs include obesity, body hair around the area in question, and a sedentary lifestyle. While a traumatic event is not believed to cause a pilonidal cyst, such an event has been known to inflame existing cysts. Read the rest of this entry »

Spiritual Impediments in the Colon

For the last four years I’ve been exceedingly interested in diet and detoxification.  This started when I read a book about diet and trophology (the science of food combination); this book was derived from the readings of the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Cayce is famous for delivering thousands of psychic readings, which cured many people and continue to help the people who study these readings.

Once I took the plunge into detox, following the advice closely for a couple of weeks,  I felt a rich and even ecstatic feeling of well-being.  This was the sort of feeling that I hadn’t felt prior to then, because I didn’t realize just how important diet was to one’s overall sense of spiritual and physical well-being. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Improve Health With Helpful Bacteria

When most of us think about what we can do to stay healthy and promote health and longevity, the solutions that society provides come to mind: bathing our bodies constantly with antibacterial soap, eating pasteurized foods, taking anti-biotics when we get infections and zapping our foods with microwaves.

All of these commonly-accepted practices cause great harm to the balance of good versus bad bacteria in your gastro-intestinal tract, tipping the scale in favor of the bad bacteria. This can have a drastic effect on overall health. Read the rest of this entry »

To Prevent The Cancer Diagnosis, You Should….

Bill Henderson | Beating-Cancer-Gently.com

All my experience watching people “get” and overcome cancer can be boiled down into one sentence: What we put in our mouth causes and reverses all degenerative diseases. All of them can be avoided and overcome by correcting what we put in our mouth (just another way of saying the same thing).


So, first things first. Detoxify your body and avoid cancer (and all other degenerative diseases) by fixing your diet. Stop eating processed food (hydrolized this and hydrogenated that), dairy, red meat, sugar and other sweeteners (even honey and maple syrup), preservatives and chemicals. Stop drinking coffee and alcohol and using cigarettes and prescription drugs. Hmmmmm. Tall order. Read the rest of this entry »

The Health Benefits of Water Fasting

By Stephen Harrod Buhner
original source

Fasting is an exceptionally ancient, and powerful, approach to healing many common disease conditions. It allows the body to rest, detoxify, and to heal. During fasting the body moves into the same kind of detoxification cycle that it normally enters during sleep. It uses its energy during a fast, not for digesting food, but for cleansing the body of accumulated toxins and healing any parts of it that are ill. As a fast progresses the body consumes everything that it can that is not essential to bodily functioning. This includes bacteria, viruses, fibroid tumors, waste products in the blood, any build up around the joints, and stored fat. The historical record indicates that human beings are evolutionarily designed to fast. It is an incredibly safe approach to healing and the body knows how to do it very well. Read the rest of this entry »