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Western Medicine: Making a Living off of Sickness and Disease

You could see me reaching
So why couldn’t you have
Met me halfway
You could see me bleeding
But you could not put
Pressure on the wound

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You could see me breathing
But you still kept
Your hand over my mouth
You could feel me seething
But you just turned
Your nose up in the air

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

You only think about yourself
You only think about yourself
You’d better bend before I go
On the first train to Mexico

— Incubus – Mexico

Recent experiences with the Western (Allopathic) medical system have made me keenly aware of how Allopathy built primarily as a business model, and has very little of its workings geared towards genuine healing; or a connection between the doctor and patient.

I’ve long known this to be the case, ever since my first experience with “alternative” medicine, in fact. I can say, from my own experiences, that having a connection with the healer is a large part of becoming truly healthy and rejuvenated. All of the healers with whom I have had such a connection were involved in “alternative” healing practices.

My wife recently gave birth to a daughter, and events transpired in a way that we actually needed the hospital at some point. From the very beginning of the experience, the doctors pretended that the prenatal care we received from our mid-wife was non-existent. They even wrote on their forms that we had “no prenatal care.” Lumping us into the category of girls who have their babies in the bathroom stall at their high school.

I don’t really care to get into the whole “story” of everything, but it will suffice to say that I’ve seen quite a lot of disturbing practices in this field of medicine we call neo-natology.

Just today, I was thinking about why it is that I find myself so infuriated at the Allopathic medical system, and it seems to boil down to a few main points:

  • The vast majority of the “treatments” they utilize are pharmaceuticals, forsaking many generations of wisdom amassed by homeopathy.
  • Many of their pharmaceuticals are dangerous and even deadly, and many of the doctors make their living solely off of their ability to prescribe pharmaceuticals; so you won’t see any movement to change this from them.  They often do not know any more than what the sales rep taught them.
  • If I do, in fact, need a pharmaceutical for some reason.  I must pay a $50+ dollar office visit fee to an MD and convince them that I need it, then go to a pharmacy and pay another $40+ dollars to acquire the drug.  This makes it very difficult for people on a shoestring budget to get treatments in the conventional sense.
  • The AMA lobbyists have gamed the system in such a way that one cannot get insurance coverage for visits to alternative medicine practitioners.  The closest thing you can get to “alternative medicine” is Chiropractic; and even those guys get treated like dirt by the rest of the medical community.  This leaves Allopathy at an unfair advantage and doesn’t allow individuals to make their own choices of what kind of medicine they wish to use.
  • Allopathic doctors are often cocky and arrogant; they rarely wish to hear the concerns of their patients.  They generally are not willing to stray from the pack on their treatment recommendations, even if there is a perfectly valid argument to do so.  This is probably because they are most interested in covering their asses, and not with making a patient well.

The only reason Allopathy is so strong in this part of the world, is because people do not want to do their own research; but would rather simply allow the doctors to do whatever they please, pay the co-pay, pick up the drugs and be done with it.  They may alleviate their symptoms in this way, but the underlying problem is not resolved.

Problems in your body are caused by a lack or an excess, not by the lack of a drug.  Drugs fool the body into thinking that the problem is solved; they do not actually solve the problem.

I am thoroughly disgusted with these doctors, the way they use people: having them come in for “office visits” and telling them things they already knew then sending them on their way.  “That will be $50 dollars please.”

Then you have the hospitals, who literally get away with highway robbery.  My insurance company was billed over $14,000 for the doctors help in delivery and the two nights my wife spent at the hospital.

All of the doctors we saw were cold, passive and didn’t strike me as healers at all.  They seemed to me more like cleaver students who know how to play all of the games, without getting too many of their own ideas about medicine.  Even obvious things like giving pro-biotics to a baby who has trouble with food digestion are completely unknown to the hospital.

We actually had doctors refuse to give our daughter pro-biotics, saying that they were “too controversial.”  Imagine that, the bacteria that naturally resides in your intestines is considered “controversial.”

I still have difficulty waking up every morning into a society, where the healers are instead parasites.  If we are to ever grow into a better society, we are going to need real healers, not these charlatans who go around masquerading as medical practitioners.

We are just going to have to recognize them for what they are and route their controlling influence out of our lives however we can.

Ayurveda: The Art of Being

When you go into a allopathic hospital or doctor’s office, do you get the impression that it is missing something.  The most apparent aspect of this form of “medicine” is the fact that most of the “treatments” involve a great deal of money and highly profitable drugs.  Indeed, it looks as if the importance of money has outstripped healing in the medical paradigm of today.

For those of us who want to heal in a different way a more mature form of medicine exists; but it is more than just medicine, it is also an awareness of life.  Ayurveda has been with us for thousands of years and it carries with it the knowledge of healing and well-being that is long lost by the proponents of allopathy.

When a more in-depth solution is sought, to heal the root causes of our ailments, the Ayeurvedic principles often have the answers.  Ayurveda sees the body as a microcosm of the whole and the physician is the conveyor belt between the two, dampening any deficiencies of excesses, to bring things into balance.

[googlevideo 4697724121661222905]

Spiritual Impediments in the Colon

For the last four years I’ve been exceedingly interested in diet and detoxification.  This started when I read a book about diet and trophology (the science of food combination); this book was derived from the readings of the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Cayce is famous for delivering thousands of psychic readings, which cured many people and continue to help the people who study these readings.

Once I took the plunge into detox, following the advice closely for a couple of weeks,  I felt a rich and even ecstatic feeling of well-being.  This was the sort of feeling that I hadn’t felt prior to then, because I didn’t realize just how important diet was to one’s overall sense of spiritual and physical well-being. Read the rest of this entry »

How Inner Feelings Cause Changes in the World Around Us

This is a wonderful interview with Gregg Braden, in which he discusses the matrix of energy that surrounds and envelops us. It is the bridge between the inner and outer worlds, which connects the feeling we have inside of us to the experiences we share.

Science tends to ignore the importance of our inner experience, although many of its great thinkers such as Max Planck and Stephen Hawking spoke of this as a Matrix or the Mind of God. Read the rest of this entry »

Destroying Viruses with Resonant Frequencies


It is likely that scientists may, some time in the near future, be able to destroy viri by bombarding it with frequencies that resonate with the particular virus.

Every object resonates at a particular frequency. When the amplitude of the frequency is increased sufficiently, an object will be destroyed.

Recent experiments have shown that viruses can be killed by the pulsations of lasers at the right frequency. The present-day understanding of this technology, however, involves trial-and-error.

Imagine what virus eradication techniques will be possible when scientists move out of the current drug paradigm, and into the understanding of resonance.

source: Live Science February 5, 2008

No Need to Explain

I got the key to open all the gates I see
I want this power inside of me
This passage is full
of different gates I see

Just try to be yourself

Try to destroy all what you feel inside

Take and hold this hand
What you feel inside
Is another dream
Want you give me a part of your heart?
Let me say you’re truly raspy
But I’m living to discover your soul
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Opening to the Greater Reality

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee. ~ John Donne

Our Collective Body

The great sage, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (founder of the Hari Krishna movement), once said “there is no love but self-love.” He certainly doesn’t mean “self-love” as the popular, ego-centered existence, would have you create. It is an entirely different notion of the “self,” one that regards all sentient beings as part of one’s self-hood.

Like many of the great thinkers throughout history, Srila Prabhupada realized that we are all intimately joined with a great body of energy that forms the basis all beings in the myriad of dimensions that make up our existence.

Indeed the thoughts that comprise the very fiber of our being are made of energy, not atoms and molecules. Still today, however, the scientists are mystified by the psychic world, as they have not yet devised a method by which psychic forces can be measured and understood with material instruments.
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Edgar Cayce on the powers of the Lapis Lazuli Stone

The Lapis Lazuli stone has quite a prestigious history. The priest-kings of China presented this stone as an offering to the Lord of the Universe in ceremonies at the Temple of Heaven. The Targums indicate that lapis lazuli was used for the tablets of the Ten Commandments. The ancient kings of Ur and Sumer included the stone in their tombs. Even Tutankhamen’s mummy wrap contained some of this stone. Read the rest of this entry »