The Collapse of Globalism is Upon Us

Globalism (third wave neo-feudalism) is collapsing, as is the phony economic system of the past 45 years (post Bretton Woods US Dollar).
The deindustrialization of the U.S.  was part of the design of this globalist system.  Jobs were not offshored because U.S. workers are inherently uncompetitive; but rather because globalist elite pushed for taxation and regulatory changes to make it uncompetitive to do business in the western world. The globalists sought to regulate/tax domestic factories out of business so they wouldn’t compete with the new factories in Asia.
The end goal was to bring the U.S. into economic submission so it could be controlled by privately owned international banks and supranational institutions. The U.S. people must be weak and desperate in order to be controlled.  Freedom and prosperity are the weaknesses of the globalist, because they depend on desperation and centralization of power.
If enough of us are honest about the reality and adapt accordingly, then maybe we’ll adapt and retool before it’s too late.  Our lives are changing at a rate not seen in generations.
Regardless of how masterfully Trump and other nationalist western leaders handle the transition towards re-industrialization, it is going to be painful. We’ve got to be prepared for a period of time where imports will be expensive and we may experience shortages and social/economic upheaval, as the highly leveraged and detached from reality financial system is unwound and replaced (hopefully before it collapses completely).
 We’ve got to stay strong as individuals, families, communities and prepare for possibilities such as inflation, rising interest rates and bank failures.  These are all situations likely to happen in the next few years.
If we stay strong, diversify our sources of income and become a producer, rather than a middleman paper shuffler, there’s a good chance that we’ll get through this stronger than ever.

Reflection on Avoidable Mistakes


When I wake up in the morning, particularly on a weekend morning, when there’s more time, one of the often recurring thoughts I have, is in regards to all of the avoidable mistakes I’ve made; how they’ve followed me around to this day. This is a thought that I’ve had for much of my adult life, even as the stages of adulthood progress.

While I eventually clean up, whatever can be cleaned up, as a consequence of my mistakes; inevitably new avoidable mistakes are made to fill the vacuum. I suppose that many of these mistakes are only avoidable in retrospect; but at least I now know that most mistakes are not inevitable.

As painful as it is, to have this kind of reflection, there are valuable benefits to be had.

Facing the consequences of our actions is the feedback we get from the universe. If we’ve made mistakes, and we all have, then it clues us in on where our awareness is lacking and on where we should look to gain conscious mastery.

It seems that many of our mistakes are relatively easy to avoid, by developing awareness and mastery; but we’re not always aware of what we lack.

I believe the key is to continue to introspect, when a difficult problem arises, not simply make excuses or blame it on someone or something else. At some level, we typically do have responsibility, even if this responsibility is only partial.

Think deeply of the many different possibilities, of how you can re-emerge, even if it takes weeks or months to find a good path out. The best problem solving takes patience, unless you want to just create new problems.

Do this rather than surrender to dispar; because even if problems often do just go away, in many cases, they’ll often manifest in a different form, if you haven’t dealt with the underlying cause. Put in that extra effort now, to find real answers and develop genuine solutions, or pay tenfold, down the path, when the problems evolve and multiply.

#38 A Week Into the Juice Fast


A week ago today, I started the next phase in my cleanse, a juice fast.  This is something that I try to do, at least once a year, to help me break food addictions, enhance my self discipline, change dietary habits and maybe even clean out my body a bit.  This year I’ve been integrating frozen, antioxidant rich smoothies as well, as a way of transitioning to lower calorie diet more gradually.

Its going really well so far.  I’m feeling great and don’t miss the typical foods that much.  I’d like to keep it going for as long as it feels right, maybe another week.  Then I’d like to spend a few days water fasting.

#37 The Dysfunctional First-World Obsession With Safety


Our society is overrun by fear and concern for safety.  Whenever some incident occurs, be it a transportation incident, terrorist attack, natural disaster or accident, this culture of fear and paranoia grows and consumes us; but at what cost?  Why does our society take this fear and concern for safety, to such a level, where it becomes highly dysfunctional?  Why do they turn to the government for answers, when the government always makes things worse, or is itself even the problem?

These are topics which are discussed on this episode of the MyStrangeMind VLOG.

In the wealthy modern societies, there is a huge obsession with safety. Safety is great; but it can go too far, to where it begins to hinder life and even cause damage to our selves and our society.

The anxiety around all of this fear-based concern causes untold problems with people’s wellness.

Recorded on 2014-04-28

A Week Into Pre-Fasting for a Juice Fast

Sprout Wrap 1526106_866917848303_872187287_n 988781_862824965473_1591106828_nVarious Sprouts

I’m about a week into a pre-fast “detox” diet. So I’ve eliminated many of my relatively non-productive dietary vices like coffee, alcohol and for the most-part, processed sugar & flour. I’ve been eating mostly various vegetables, sprouts, microgreens, fruit, nuts,  raw cheeses and fermented food; this often includes really densely packed wraps full of sprouts, avocado, sauerkraut, etc and wrapped in a sprouted wrap.

This has me feeling pretty good. I think just getting away from the caffeine, alcohol and sugar has helped tremendously. I am more aware of my environment, the subtleties in things and I’m thinking more broadly, rather than the more constrained perspective, which many of these chemicals encourage.  I guess you could say, it helps the body to regulate itself, rather than forcing it with food-based chemicals.

Also of interest, I find that I still have plenty of energy and vitality even without the constant caffeine boosts I usually have, while I’m also able to wind down in the evening without the glass of wine, I still manage to stay motivated and feel great.

So I’m going to be eating the rest of this big cauldron of vegetable soup I cooked, which features some really tasty Japanese Sweet Potatoes and various peppers and other soup-friendly veggies. By the time that’s all gone and I’ve used up most of the cookable perishables, it will be time to switch to exclusively juice/smoothies for perhaps a week or so.  Maybe a water fast for a few days at the end.

How Professionals and Intellectuals are Controlled

Stand out from the crowd

Many of the dysfunctions in modern-day society can be understood, if only we understand how people are controlled.  The way people are controlled is not some back-room conspiracy; but happens in broad daylight and is easily recognizable, once you begin to recognize the kinds of influences that are at work on most of the influential people in society.

It’s Your Life

It’s Your Life

by Milla Jovovich

We had this dream
Locked behind these wicked thoughts
You and i
We felt pain
Passed from him, to me, to you

Reaching out
Into the empty space
We lost our place

It’s your life
It’s your soul
It’s everything
You give to him
It’s my heart
In your hands
Keep it or just let it fall
Another stone
Placed in my wall

I brush away
The flaming hair across your cheek
To see these eyes
That lit my life
Now they’re cold and dark and gone

With your smile
I’ll cross this hopeless line
But don’t waste time

It’s your life
It’s your soul
It’s everything
You give to him
It’s my heart
In your hands
Keep it or just let it fall
Another stone
Placed in my wall

It’s your life
It’s your mind
Choices that you make my love
It’s my heart in your hands
Keep it or just let it fall
Another stone placed in my wall

Can’t we see above
This wall?

Life, Impermanence and Suffering


We delude ourselves

Into thinking…


That things are stable

That things are permanent

That we are loved

That someone is there for us

That there is a lasting source

Of happiness in this world


Its easy to see why

Because this is comforting

Despite being untrue

We seem to need

These illusions

To go on with our lives

To feel like we are embraced


Life, however

Is here to show us

That everything is imbalanced

Nothing is permanent

We are not as loved as we think

In the end, no-one

Is really there for us


Everything is fleeting

Everyone and everything goes its own way

People use one another

They get what they want

Then they move on


Even physical presence

Does not entail a true connection

As the celestial wheel turns

People grow apart

In ways that even distance

Cannot accomplish


To think of this

Brings about sadness

Brings about suffering

Its not what we want

It is somewhat terrifying


We want something real

We want something true

We want something profound

We want something lasting


We want a life that matters

We want to sing

From the depths of our souls

We want to embrace our loved ones

We want to know that they will alway be there for us


Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic

But I believe

That it is possible

The question is just

How it is possible

That’s the great mystery

That we are here to uncover

When I close my eyes, I am at the center of the sun

Solar Portal

Center of the Sun

by Conjure One

Young girl in the market
Music to the men
When the men leave
Her eyes are red
When her eyes are closed again she sees the dark market of above

And she sings
‘They say the most horrible things
But I hear violins, when I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done’

Young boy in the market
Follows all the men
When the men leave
He’s out of his head
When his eyes are closed again he sees the dark market of above

And he sings
‘They break the most beautiful things
But I hear violins, when I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done
I look into your eyes
And I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done’

Center of the sun

Young boy in the market
Sees the girl alone
And asks her
‘Have you lost your way home?’
She sings
‘You say the most beautiful things, just like my violins’

I look into your eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done

When I close my eyes
I am at the center of the sun
And I cannot be hurt
By anything this wicked world has done

I hear violins
I hear violins

I hear violins
I hear violins

Center of the sun