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Why the Fukushima Disaster Happened

Fukushima on fire

Why are plants like those used at Fukushima in use? They are in use because of… you guessed it… statism. This is dated technology from an era where the mass murderers in charge wanted a dual use nuclear program for weapons and power.

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Larken Rose on “National Security”

Larken Rose realizes, unlike most people, that the state is not here to protect them. They are actually there to protect the interests of the ruling elite and to maintain their own power.

#019 How People Think About “Historically Significant” Events

When an event occurs, in which the state, society and the mainstream propaganda apparatus, decide to declare an event of great significance; then it’s time to put on your thinking caps. Given the pattern throughout history, the events are not likely to be what they are portrayed as, in the media.

The media is generally a copy-typist for the state and the state generally has a larger agenda. So whether or not the state is: creating “false flag” events themselves via drills, enticing individuals to commit acts via agent provocateurs or simply “spinning” an event that occurs spontaneously. They have ample motive to lie to the public, a history of deceptive behavior and every tool at their disposal to lie and fabricate evidence, such as to be believed by enough of the population, to get away with it. For everyone else, there are various forms of social conditioning to pit conformists against them, or divide them from one another.

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Today I Was Robbed on the Highway


Robbed by a Statist in a Fancy Costume

I was driving along the Interstate today, on my way to a Yoga class, when I noticed a Statist in a fancy costume on the side of the road. He had his car, decked out in symbology, parked at a weird angle on the shoulder of the road and he was standing about 20 feet off the road in the grass. He appeared to have coerced another driver into pulling over and likely robbed them, as is their custom. The whole situation looked a bit peculiar.

I went on my way, as there was nothing I could do about the situation. Then I looked in my mirror and saw that statist with its coercion lights on and closing in on me. Sure enough, that was his purpose. He had apparently run all the way back to his car and sped down the road to coerce me.

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Obama’s War Crimes – An Interview with David Lindorff about Omar Khadr

If someone initiates force against you, you DO have the right to defend yourself. Governments don’t like this, since they are one of the principle organizations initiating force. They want their agents (aka soldiers) to be able to initiate force, without people defending themselves against their aggression.

If you have trouble understanding this, think about how you would behave, or how you would like to *think* you’d behave, if someone like China invaded the US. You’d like to think that you would defend yourself against the invaders.Most likely, though, being as many of the people in the US are domesticated and trained to worship “might”; I doubt that most people would do anything if invaded.

Modern-Day Human Farming: Democratic “Tax Farms”

There’s a relatively new kind of farm, it’s a modern-day farm, incorporating many of the lessons learned over the past few centuries. This is a “human” farm, a new kind of highly profitable “democratic” tax farm, where human beings are controlled, manipulated and made to police each other; but all the while, they think they are free, in control and can “vote”, which causes them to tolerate it.

What the tax livestock don’t realize, however, is the mere existence of a system of voting, does not necessarily mean members of the society will actually be free. They don’t realize that virtually every mechanism for supposed change, in their society, is unable to actually effect change. Most of these great implements of democracy: voting, protest, political office, violence, etc, are completely unable to change society.

Challenges of the Post-Millennial Generation: Free Markets, Individual Liberty, Ending Statism

When two individuals — who are adept thinkers, writers, speakers, researchers and philosophers — come together for a melding of minds, the result is almost always synergistic beyond what you might expect; in a way that can make us see the world from a fresh perspective.

Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones are two great and influential men of our time, inspiring a spirit of freedom and individualism in everyone who will give their message a chance. Every day they put themselves out there to speak of what they feel is the truth, despite being seen as politically incorrect by the vast majority of loud voices in our society such as the government, media and major political parties.

Today I had the good fortune of stumbling across a fantastic discussion, between Alex Jones and Adam Kokesh, on a set of topics which really crystallized for me what will be the lasting challenges for the post-millennial generations. These challenges include: the challenge of recognizing the violence inherent in statism, overcoming statism and establishing a truly free society with free markets and individual liberties.

Government Shakedowns: For the “Public Good”?

Statism utilizes the notion of the public good to supposedly justify the use of force on members of a population within the territory controlled by the particular state.  This is done through a territorial monopoly on the use of violence to coerce and expropriate wealth from the captive population of the particular state’s region of domination.

The goal of anarcho-capitalism, is to transition to a more free society with truly free markets, where goods and services are produced without the threat of force from government and government created monopolies.  The government, via its legislated advantages and monopolies, destroys the free market and creates countless advantages for giant corporations and well connected individuals.  This kind of corrupt, state centered system, helps to exacerbate the growing gap between rich and poor and impoverishes society as a whole by destroying the great wealth engine we call the free market.

The discussion in this video is between anarcho-capitalist activist Adam Kokesh and statist “Noah”, who is arguing for government force to create the so-called public good.  It’s interesting to note that Noah dusts off the old  free to leave argument, if we don’t want government to force its services upon us and of course the accompanying tax payment for those services.

That’s an interesting kind of society that our youth have been brought up to want, a society where the government makes many of your major decisions for you via corrupt politicians and an ignorant electorate.  Where in this statist utopia are the protections of the individual from having their rights voted away by the majority?

Adam Kokesh: I want, through grass roots, bottom up ways of coming together voluntarily.  I want to be able to create those things [services for the common good] in a society where people’s rights are respected, rather than in a system that’s top down, as you’re describing, where a system is decided on by a group of people by voting or electing representatives and forcing that system on the people.  I want those things and I want to find a way to create them while respecting other people’s rights.  I want to find a way to create all of those things without putting guns to people’s heads to make them pay for things that they don’t want.

Noah: I think the threat of force can be separated from violence.

Adam Kokesh: But is the threat of force any more morally acceptable.

Noah: Yes, I believe it can.

Adam Kokesh: So threatening force is okay; but actually carrying out force is not okay.

Noah: That depends on the context.

Adam Kokesh: So threatening force is okay if?

Noah: For example, if a crime were about to take place and I threatened force, and it prevented the crime from taking place, that would be a justification for the use of force.

Adam Kokesh: I’m an IRS agent and I’m threatening to put you in a cage if you don’t give me 30% of your income.  Is that a justified threat of force?

Noah: Yes

Adam Kokesh: That is a scary, anti-freedom, violent idea.

Noah: [leaves the conversation]

It’s a problem that is fundamentally rooted in using the initiation of force to get things done

Stefan Molyneux  | Free Domain Radio

“…Yes, of course the general population has been raped and pillaged by the financial sector; but what is astounding to me… they know that the government has been complicit in all of this stuff. They know that the government is dependent on the financial institutions for money to continue to bribe the general population into getting votes. They know that the government has started unjust wars and been responsible in America for the murder of hundreds of thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands of Americans. They know that the government kidnaps people and throws them in jail for non-crimes like having unpopular bits of vegetation in their pocket.

They know all of this about the government. What is their damn solution to the problem of financial corruption?

Let’s have the government do something about it. Let’s have the government put a tax on financial transactions. Let’s have the government repeal the repeal of glass steagle. Let’s have government swoop in and do all of this wonderful stuff because these financial institutions are like wayward children that have eaten too much candy and the government like a parent needs to come in and take away all the Halloween bags.

It’s completely insane. The government, of course, is fundamentally behind all of this. The financial corruptions that they’re protesting are a mere affect of the fundamental problem in society which is always and forever a moral problem. Not a problem of legal technicality. Not a problem of financial rejiggering. Not a problem of insufficient oversight.

My god, they passed over 50,000 pieces of additional regulation during Bush’s term, when he was supposed to be the big deregulation guy. It’s all madness. They’re out there camping as part of the way the system’s cancer grows, which is that they’re out there protesting against the affects of government power, which is financial corruption. What they want to solve the affects of government power is more government power and that is horrendous; they don’t know the degree to which they are contributing to the mess and creating even more disasters in the future…”

“…Whenever you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. When you have a government, almost nobody can think of any other solution than: pass a law, have more regulation, give the state more power and that’s going to solve everything. Well the state has been growing in power, fundamentally, ever since 1913, ever since the English gave them the ability to type whatever they want into their own banks accounts. The state has been growing like a cancer.

The state has more power now than any government in history has ever dreamed of having and the problem is getting worse and worse. The correlation of the problems getting worse and the state growing is very clear; because violence causes destruction. It’s like heroine, it gives you short term high and a long term catastrophe. So you need to stop asking the government to solve problems. Ask the government to start solving problems in the way you’re solving your problems which is peacefully, non violently without the opinion backed by a gun we call the law. Get the government to start putting down its guns, start controlling human beings in the way that you’re protesting.

Then you’ll be taking a genuine step forward, not just to solving these problems; but down the road to genuine human liberty. Until you are willing to stop asking people with guns to solve problems, you have no right to expect those problems to be solved…”

Violent Statists Occupy Washington D.C.

One of the driving forces that keeps statism going, is the fact that statists see violence from the state, as a solution to society’s problems. They are frequently calling on the state to utilize violence, coercion and theft, against various aspects of the population, to achieve their desired ends.

What these statists fail to realize, however, is that statism and violence, are the root causes of many of the problems in society. The big companies that statists often bemoan, are allowed to become so large and powerful, primarily due to regulations which keep competitors from competing for their market share. These regulations are enforced by government violence and coercion.

When statists call for more taxes and regulation, they are unknowingly enabling the already well connected corporations to maintain their strangle-hold on the market. They then see the side effects of these policies, which destroy the economy and the marketplace; they blame the free market and capitalism, then call for additional centralization of power in the hands of the state.

What you end up with is a self-reinforcing cycle which erodes the free market and replaces it with crony capitalism, where corporations and the state work closely to maintain the status quo.