Globalism (third wave neo-feudalism) is collapsing, as is the phony economic system of the past 45 years (post Bretton Woods US Dollar).
The deindustrialization of the U.S.  was part of the design of this globalist system.  Jobs were not offshored because U.S. workers are inherently uncompetitive; but rather because globalist elite pushed for taxation and regulatory changes to make it uncompetitive to do business in the western world. The globalists sought to regulate/tax domestic factories out of business so they wouldn’t compete with the new factories in Asia.
The end goal was to bring the U.S. into economic submission so it could be controlled by privately owned international banks and supranational institutions. The U.S. people must be weak and desperate in order to be controlled.  Freedom and prosperity are the weaknesses of the globalist, because they depend on desperation and centralization of power.
If enough of us are honest about the reality and adapt accordingly, then maybe we’ll adapt and retool before it’s too late.  Our lives are changing at a rate not seen in generations.
Regardless of how masterfully Trump and other nationalist western leaders handle the transition towards re-industrialization, it is going to be painful. We’ve got to be prepared for a period of time where imports will be expensive and we may experience shortages and social/economic upheaval, as the highly leveraged and detached from reality financial system is unwound and replaced (hopefully before it collapses completely).
 We’ve got to stay strong as individuals, families, communities and prepare for possibilities such as inflation, rising interest rates and bank failures.  These are all situations likely to happen in the next few years.
If we stay strong, diversify our sources of income and become a producer, rather than a middleman paper shuffler, there’s a good chance that we’ll get through this stronger than ever.

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