Genuine Freedom Doesn’t Happen Overnight


Freedom is a multifaceted concept and tends to be a bit different for everyone. This is free will we’re talking about, after all. Nonetheless, a common thread is that it always takes consistent application of time, effort and intent to achieve genuine freedom. Fall short in any of these areas and your results will be disappointing, to say the least.

Because of this, it is really important that we have our mind/body/spirit complex in optimal condition. We have to optimize our diet, our state of mind, our lifestyle in general and our relationship to the world around us. As we do this, we create an environment conducive to growth and change.

Becoming more free, is something that happens on a sliding scale. We gain or lose a little ground each and every day. Our work is never done. The freer we become, the more able we are to make further increases in our level of freedom.

The deeper realization to be had is that, awareness and self mastery are the wellspring from which freedom enters our lives.

The False Dichotomy of New Age and Scientism


I’ve been struggling with this dichotomy for a little while. Sometimes I’ll even catch myself getting swept up into it myself. I have never quite fit into the whole new age thing, though I do appreciate certain aspects of it. Also I don’t believe that what passes for science, is quite as objective as it claims to be.

This is just a a false dichotomy, in which polar opposites are presented as options, when the best option is to choose neither. Both sides are seriously mistaken, each in their own ways, and neither leads to true freedom.

The problems with New Age and Scientism are actually similar, though these two philosophies are expressed in different ways. Both are, at some level, ways of surrendering your critical thinking to outside forces. New agers fail to value action and critical thinking and are content with slavery. Followers of Scientism fail to recognize natural laws or the true nature of consciousness; they also tend to blindly accept the conclusions of scientific institutions, rather than utilizing their own critical thinking.

Its important not to fall down either trap; yet I see so many of us doing so. That’s how it was designed, to provide two false alternatives and make you think that you need to choose. You can choose none of the above.

If you choose none of the above, you can still use science/rationality and it doesn’t mean that you can’t also understand consciousness/spirituality. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. The either/or mentality leads to serious imbalance.

Mark Passio – New Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

This is the extended podcast version of the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 2 Conference in Philadelphia on April 27, 2013. In this presentation Mark talks about the “New” Age Movement as another Religion to control people’s minds and prevent them from developing a deep understanding of Natural Law. Mark goes through 10 “New” Age Deceptions in the talk, and then offers a Correction to balance each deception. If you have bought into the hype of the “New” Age Movement, this is a video that you need to see to understand how you are being deceived.

25 Megabits of Bandwidth Makes Everything Work Again



Our internet based applications seem to work quite a bit better with twice the bandwidth. Imagine that!

I called our ISP, Wow, this morning, to inquire about upgrades. I learned about a $10 upgrade that gives 25 megabits versus the 12 megabits I was getting. 

That’s quite a bit more bandwidth per dollar than what I was paying.


Nightwish – Sleeping Sun (1999)


Made this beautiful discovery today while exploring music on YouTube.

Why the Fukushima Disaster Happened


Fukushima on fire

Why are plants like those used at Fukushima in use? They are in use because of… you guessed it… statism. This is dated technology from an era where the mass murderers in charge wanted a dual use nuclear program for weapons and power.


Larken Rose on “National Security”


Larken Rose realizes, unlike most people, that the state is not here to protect them. They are actually there to protect the interests of the ruling elite and to maintain their own power.

#34 Breaking Addictions


Addictions plague us in many ways that we do not suspect. For instance, we are often aware of drug addictions; but unaware of food addictions and how these addictions can be as bad if not worse than drug addictions.

There are also a variety of ways of neutralizing addictions, many of which are very simple and effective, which are seldom attempted. These addictions can be broken, in a shorter time than many tend to think, if only the willpower is mustered to break them and the right techniques are used.

#33 New Wiki Project Coming Online


I’m really happy to announce that a new free-thought wiki project I’ve been dreaming up for quite some time has finally gotten off the ground! I intend to use this resource as a way of documenting concepts in depth, linking to other resources and connecting the dots in novel ways.

A BLOG or VLOG is great for a stream of personal insights; but a wiki really gives one the ability to refine and connect those insights. I like how a wiki is ordered around concepts and ideas, rather than a stream that puts newer items ahead of older ones.

Lets say I write an article and then I want to go back and add more to it. In a blog, this is cumbersome, because you then have to bump it up to the top again and its not exactly intuitive, how to browse based on concepts. A wiki solves this problem.

I intend to continue to use this blog for the sharing of thoughts and insights, while using the wiki as a way of documenting, organizing and connecting information.

Check the New Wiki Out at

20130721 Late July Garden Update


Biointensive gardening is really paying off for us.  The weather has been great and the plants are really starting to produce!

#32 Thoughts On Mainstream “Statist” Science


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