Why the Fukushima Disaster Happened

Fukushima on fire

Why are plants like those used at Fukushima in use? They are in use because of… you guessed it… statism. This is dated technology from an era where the mass murderers in charge wanted a dual use nuclear program for weapons and power.

These are dangerous reactors with very high pressures. When unexpected things happen, they can fail massively.

These clowns have known about liquid fluoride thorium reactor power for decades and opted instead to continue with this garbage.

Whatever the government regulates, it tends to fossilize in place. That’s part of why they suck, because they prevent the very innovation, which could have made these old boiling water reactors a thing of the past.

They don’t want change. They don’t want you to have cheap and safe thorium power. They also don’t care about safety with any real conviction.

It’s just a bunch of crusty old cronies at the helm with armpit stains and pocket protectors, going to meetings and living the same day… over and over… this is life and death under statism.

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3 thoughts on “Why the Fukushima Disaster Happened”

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