Stefan Molyneux  | Free Domain Radio

“…Yes, of course the general population has been raped and pillaged by the financial sector; but what is astounding to me… they know that the government has been complicit in all of this stuff. They know that the government is dependent on the financial institutions for money to continue to bribe the general population into getting votes. They know that the government has started unjust wars and been responsible in America for the murder of hundreds of thousands of foreigners and tens of thousands of Americans. They know that the government kidnaps people and throws them in jail for non-crimes like having unpopular bits of vegetation in their pocket.

They know all of this about the government. What is their damn solution to the problem of financial corruption?

Let’s have the government do something about it. Let’s have the government put a tax on financial transactions. Let’s have the government repeal the repeal of glass steagle. Let’s have government swoop in and do all of this wonderful stuff because these financial institutions are like wayward children that have eaten too much candy and the government like a parent needs to come in and take away all the Halloween bags.

It’s completely insane. The government, of course, is fundamentally behind all of this. The financial corruptions that they’re protesting are a mere affect of the fundamental problem in society which is always and forever a moral problem. Not a problem of legal technicality. Not a problem of financial rejiggering. Not a problem of insufficient oversight.

My god, they passed over 50,000 pieces of additional regulation during Bush’s term, when he was supposed to be the big deregulation guy. It’s all madness. They’re out there camping as part of the way the system’s cancer grows, which is that they’re out there protesting against the affects of government power, which is financial corruption. What they want to solve the affects of government power is more government power and that is horrendous; they don’t know the degree to which they are contributing to the mess and creating even more disasters in the future…”

“…Whenever you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. When you have a government, almost nobody can think of any other solution than: pass a law, have more regulation, give the state more power and that’s going to solve everything. Well the state has been growing in power, fundamentally, ever since 1913, ever since the English gave them the ability to type whatever they want into their own banks accounts. The state has been growing like a cancer.

The state has more power now than any government in history has ever dreamed of having and the problem is getting worse and worse. The correlation of the problems getting worse and the state growing is very clear; because violence causes destruction. It’s like heroine, it gives you short term high and a long term catastrophe. So you need to stop asking the government to solve problems. Ask the government to start solving problems in the way you’re solving your problems which is peacefully, non violently without the opinion backed by a gun we call the law. Get the government to start putting down its guns, start controlling human beings in the way that you’re protesting.

Then you’ll be taking a genuine step forward, not just to solving these problems; but down the road to genuine human liberty. Until you are willing to stop asking people with guns to solve problems, you have no right to expect those problems to be solved…”

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