When an event occurs, in which the state, society and the mainstream propaganda apparatus, decide to declare an event of great significance; then it’s time to put on your thinking caps. Given the pattern throughout history, the events are not likely to be what they are portrayed as, in the media.

The media is generally a copy-typist for the state and the state generally has a larger agenda. So whether or not the state is: creating “false flag” events themselves via drills, enticing individuals to commit acts via agent provocateurs or simply “spinning” an event that occurs spontaneously. They have ample motive to lie to the public, a history of deceptive behavior and every tool at their disposal to lie and fabricate evidence, such as to be believed by enough of the population, to get away with it. For everyone else, there are various forms of social conditioning to pit conformists against them, or divide them from one another.

One huge aspect to events of “historical significance” is propaganda. Notice how many events of the utmost significance go virtually unnoticed, while often relatively minor events gain an undue amount of attention. This is not by accident; it is done because the propaganda serves a larger purpose.

The events in recent times, in Boston, have reminded me of just how people think during times like these. Its an interesting window into the way people are conditioned by propaganda and by injecting a fake narrative into historical events, to control people’s emotions and their response. If you do the propaganda correctly, you can get people to do just about anything, so the payoff for pulling it off is huge compared to the cost. That’s why it keeps happening and why it works in the best interest of the state and many of the corporations attached to the activities of the state (i.e. “crony capitalism”, not to be confused with free market capitalism and a competitive marketplace).

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