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Oh Guru, On that Bed of Nails: You Know It Better Than Anyone


I was Frustrated with the world, since as anyone can see, it is a vacuous place and its easy to feel forgotten and discarded. I wanted to know more, so I could finally understand, where I truly belong in this ungodly awful sham.

You see, it seems that all I get from this world is the same old thing, just an image of my life, that’s nothing, but unreal. Its as plain as day, to anyone who wishes to see, who they want me to be is not to be me.

So along came this guru, who says he can lay on a bed of nails. He says that I know nothing, and that my hands are firmly tied.

So then I got involved, and I later found that I don’t have the ability, nor could I ever, to find an answer inside. It seems I am just too corrupt and awful inside, but all I have to do to turn it around, is live the life that he tells me to.

So I’ll just drop everything, that I ever felt I should do, turn my back on my friends, and leave it all behind. They have no real value, as I have been told, since they are merely bags of waste; so I will just follow him down, into the dark hole of certainty. (more…)

Elephants Painting Pictures


You will be amazed to see that Elephants are capable of painting elaborate imagery with brushes held by their trunks. This is a video of an Elephant who paints a picture of an Elephant holding a flower.

Fifty Percent of World’s Languages Have Been Lost in Last Six Years


If you’re as concerned as I am about the environment and how it impacts your health, chances are good you might’ve missed a huge cultural shift.

This absolutely fascinating video lecture by a very articulate Harvard anthropologist tells you how we are losing our heritage.

By Professor Davis’ estimate, about half of the world’s 6,000 languages are disappearing, as they are no longer being taught to children, meaning the origins of our world, ethnicity and spiritual life — what he calls the ethnosphere — are vanishing. (more…)

Love You to Death


Can’t really sleep tonight, so I figure I’ll jot down some late-night thoughts and share a song. A song which brings out thoughts that are often hidden away beneath the surface. Indeed, I have found certain songs from this artist to cause great periods of reflection and contemplation.

Video: Love You to Death by Type O Negative

In her place one hundred candles burning – as salty sweat drips
from her breast
her hips move and i can feel what they’re saying – swaying
they say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya – get ya get –

Black lipstick stains – her glass of red wine – i am your servant
may i light your cigarette
those lips smooth yeah i can feel what you’re saying – praying
they say the beast inside of me is gonna get ya – get ya get –

Living Our Life Without Escape


Many of us spend a significant portion of our available time amusing ourselves with any number of entertainment escapes, most notably video games, internet surfing and television.

Entertainment activities, such as these, often cause the participant to avoid interactive activities, which are generally more physically engaging. Such activities also tend to lead the participant towards spending most of their available time amusing themselves, as opposed to accomplishing something that will benefit them over the long-run.

For many years I have observed the effects of entertainment obsession and contemplated the long-term effects of taking this path. Each time I considered the possibilities, I confirmed to myself that it is not possible to reach one’s potential if they are forever a spectator in their life and not an actual participant blazing a new path for themselves. (more…)

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