Many of us spend a significant portion of our available time amusing ourselves with any number of entertainment escapes, most notably video games, internet surfing and television.

Entertainment activities, such as these, often cause the participant to avoid interactive activities, which are generally more physically engaging. Such activities also tend to lead the participant towards spending most of their available time amusing themselves, as opposed to accomplishing something that will benefit them over the long-run.

For many years I have observed the effects of entertainment obsession and contemplated the long-term effects of taking this path. Each time I considered the possibilities, I confirmed to myself that it is not possible to reach one’s potential if they are forever a spectator in their life and not an actual participant blazing a new path for themselves.

While there are a few educational benefits to be derived from our society’s many forms of entertainment, these benefits cannot even begin to outweigh the benefits of building-up one’s character through the experience of a truly spontaneous and unscripted life.

Spontaneous experience helps to build a unique personality and allows one to explore where few others dare to go anymore.

Often, I would think of the possible reasons why individuals would rather play an electronic game than actually doing something in the physical world. I think that the true addicts are using video games to give themselves the feeling that they are actually in control of their lives. It is essentially the easy way of getting the stimulus they want, as opposed to garnering such stimulus in the physical world itself.

These individuals do not seem to be in control of their lives and often they complain about their problems; which could have been solved, had they dedicated their available time to solving them instead of seeking escape.

Every week that goes by makes them more dependent upon society because they haven’t utilized their time to solve real-life problems. Unlike a video game, when you solve problems in real life the benefits of finding that solution remain, whereas in a video game most of the benefits disappear when you hit the off-switch.

Imagine the difference it would make if one of these individuals were to spend that time building and maintaining a garden.

My own experience involved such a transformation. I turned away from games and entertainment and turned my attention towards becoming naturally self-sufficient by producing most of my own food during the spring and summer.

If I hadn’t made such a transition, it is likely that I would have never discovered the many wonders of gardening and natural health. Gardening and natural health are a valuable combination; they can keep you out of the doctor’s office and the supermarket. I am truly glad that I threw out my television and turned to mother nature for the answers. I hope to see more of us taking a similar path as we realize what a waste of time it is to merely be “entertained” all of the time whilst getting no-where in the greater scheme of things.

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