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#015 Thoughts on Religion, Spirituality, Belief and Science

I was visited today by some Jehovahs Wittnesses and it helped to stir up some old thoughts about religion and what its like to deal with the topic and the issues surrounding it. In this video I discuss my stance on religious zealots and then get into my own individual stance on religion, philosophy and spirituality.

Statism: Just Another Giant Stone Cow

Statism is little more than a vestige from our past, an anachronism. Like those ancient stone gods you see pictures of, such as those in the Amazon. If you weren’t part of that culture and indoctrinated with the bullshit from an early age, it has little effect on you.

Statism is just like those statues. We see it so easily when looking at states in other parts of the world or statues in other parts of the world. We think, “how can people go along with this and believe it.” Almost always, the reason people go along with it, is because enough people fear the consequences of not having a state, because they have been taught, from a very early age, that human life could not exist without rulers.

Human life can and has existed without rulers and it has the potential to thrive under such conditions.

On My Early Search for Deeper Answers: God, Consciousness, Religion, Spirituality

This is something I recently wrote, in response to an acquaintance’s open ended question: “God exists? Prove it.”

I would certainly like to build on it with a deeper exploration some time in the future; but it is a good summary of the first stages of my journey.

Before getting into this, I’d like to note that I have nothing against any particular religion per se; but am merely referring to the experience of various religious groups and individuals I had during that time in my life. To me, it’s not a person’s religion that matters, it is their character that is important.

I’ve met many people of religion who use the religion to mask and legitimize a violent and oppressive nature, while I’ve met people with no religion at all who are compassionate and wonderful people and vice versa. Religion has nothing to do with it, so we have to see beyond the labels we ascribe to ourselves, if we really want to get to know one another.

When I was early in my search for answers, I used to be very concerned with its existence or lack thereof, of this entity called God. I was originally raised as a Christian, which seems to be the default in this part of the world.

I realized after awhile, however, that most of the claims of the adherents of this religion, seemed to be founded on circular reasoning referencing the Bible. I found that whenever I inquired for more information or questioned events, I was strongly discouraged and often separated from the other kids at Sunday school and reprimanded.

It was always puzzling to me, why they did not have answers, beyond merely what was written, to back up their claims. Their lack of curiosity, to know more about their own religion which they claim to value so highly, was also perplexing.

I investigated the Bible only to find myself disappointed, when I found that the Christians I knew at the time knew virtually nothing of its origin. The sources I read indicated that there was more information about the origin; but even this additional information wasn’t very compelling to establish the authority of the bible. The disappointment only grew when I realized that it had been tampered with by various governments and appeared to be a tool to control people’s behavior.

My knee jerk response was to become an Athiest, then after reading a compelling piece called “Why I am Agnostic” by Robert Ingersoll, I then became an agnostic for several years.

I realized after awhile that I was letting the modern conceptions of religion define my own spirituality, limiting my experience and awareness. I was letting the fact that I was *not* something, cause me to be the “other side of the coin,” so to speak. To where I was defining my relationship to the deeper and more mysterious aspects of reality, still in terms of a religion that I did not believe in, when it really should have no relevance at all.

I had a number of experiences, particularly a very powerful out of body trip on Ayahuasca, in which I realized that my materialistic atheistic/agnostic approach was deeply flawed. As is common during DMT experiences, I experienced extreme time dilation and a number of other phenomena, in which I became privy to experience and information that is impossible under normal circumstances. To me, this experience was highly profound and cannot be attributed to mere biochemical interactions and nerve firings.

I could go on in great length about the particulars of the experience and would be happy to share more sometime; but suffice it to say, I realized that our “alert problem solving reality” is far from all there is; that there is a much deeper and more sophisticated reality underlying the phenomena we see on a daily basis, which is responsible for consciousness itself.

Now, I believe that conscious awareness and the intricate and infinitely scalable structure thereof, is the cause of our shared physical reality and not that our physical reality is the cause of consciousness.

This notion of God or Godlessness, religion or a-religion seems to color our experience; but it seems unnecessary. It’s typically an attachment to a belief that is not rooted in actual experience. At this point in my life, I feel that the nebulous concept of “God” doesn’t really matter; but what does matter is that we become conscious and aware of our own experiential reality, so we can become more aware of the deeper facets of conscious existence.

Christmas is NOT What You Were Taught it is

What you have to realize is that “Christmas” goes way back to the days of our tribal ancestors. The Pharmacratic Inquisition delves into the true history of “Christmas.” This history is nothing like what we have been taught by our religious, government or educational rulers.

Have you ever wondered why we use trees, stockings, reindeer and bearded men with sacks? Did it ever occur to you that “Christmas” occurs on precisely the same day as the winter solstice (the true end to the solar year).

If you want to understand the true history of our people and know the methods by which they purified their spiritual understanding, you have to look back into the forbidden history of “Christmas” as well as “Christianity.”

Bill Maher on the Catholic Church

Bill Maher had some thought provoking things to say about the Catholic church as well as the situation at the polygamist “compound” (apartment?) in Texas.

I think the jist of Maher’s statement is: even if these people in Texas are molesting children, which is quite doubtful in my opinion; they haven’t done nearly the damage that the Catholic Church has done to its victims.

There’s actually plenty of documentation to prove what the Catholic Church has done.

There is really no proof yet, of what the media is trying to insinuate, to be happening on with the Polygamist Mormon group.

I’ve noticed today that a number of organizations are trying to chastise Bill Maher for his comments about the Catholic Church. Many of these messages were very strongly worded, saying that “it was all lies” and other typical catch phrases.

I am here to tell you, however, that everything Bill Maher said has been documented extensively and thoroughly, time and again.

The Catholic Church is at the HEART of the corruption, worldwide. Indeed tens of thousands of children have been molested by pedophile priests. Also, countless individuals have died in wars perpetrated by the Vatican, and the international banking cartels started by the Pope in the 1500’s.