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Bill Maher on the Catholic Church

Bill Maher had some thought provoking things to say about the Catholic church as well as the situation at the polygamist “compound” (apartment?) in Texas.

I think the jist of Maher’s statement is: even if these people in Texas are molesting children, which is quite doubtful in my opinion; they haven’t done nearly the damage that the Catholic Church has done to its victims.

There’s actually plenty of documentation to prove what the Catholic Church has done.

There is really no proof yet, of what the media is trying to insinuate, to be happening on with the Polygamist Mormon group.

I’ve noticed today that a number of organizations are trying to chastise Bill Maher for his comments about the Catholic Church. Many of these messages were very strongly worded, saying that “it was all lies” and other typical catch phrases.

I am here to tell you, however, that everything Bill Maher said has been documented extensively and thoroughly, time and again.

The Catholic Church is at the HEART of the corruption, worldwide. Indeed tens of thousands of children have been molested by pedophile priests. Also, countless individuals have died in wars perpetrated by the Vatican, and the international banking cartels started by the Pope in the 1500’s.

Why was ‘God’s banker’ killed?

Was financier laundering money for Mafia, Vatican? After 25 years, trial of five seeks the answers.

Bill Taylor | TheStar.com
October 11, 2005

Even the Pope couldn’t help “God’s banker.”

Roberto Calvi, an Italian financier with ties both to the Vatican — hence his nickname — and the Mafia, in 1982 begged John Paul II to step in and save his bank from collapse, The Times of London reports. But money was the least of Calvi’s problems.

Two weeks later, on June 19, he was found hanging by an orange rope tied in a lover’s knot from scaffolding under one of the nine arches of Blackfriars Bridge in central London. The 300-metre, 18th century stone structure spans the River Thames.

It was one of the showier crimes of the 20th century, originally ruled a suicide but revealed two years ago to be homicide, with all the ingredients of a good whodunit — organized crime, financial scandal, money laundering for the Mafia and the Vatican, and chicanery in the most confidential corridors of religious power and the equally secret affairs of freemasonry. Read the rest of this entry »