Spiritual Impediments in the Colon

For the last four years I’ve been exceedingly interested in diet and detoxification.  This started when I read a book about diet and trophology (the science of food combination); this book was derived from the readings of the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Cayce is famous for delivering thousands of psychic readings, which cured many people and continue to help the people who study these readings.

Once I took the plunge into detox, following the advice closely for a couple of weeks,  I felt a rich and even ecstatic feeling of well-being.  This was the sort of feeling that I hadn’t felt prior to then, because I didn’t realize just how important diet was to one’s overall sense of spiritual and physical well-being.

In the first couple of years that followed the first detoxification effort, I began fasting on a regular basis; usually once or twice a year.  Each of these experiences re-enforced my desire to learn more about this.  I wanted to know how I can change myself on a deeper level, so I may realize a deeper experience of life, without so many of these spiritual impediments.

One of the aspects of detox that I neglected, and is so often neglected by most health-conscious people, was colon health.  You can detox all you want, even do enemas, but if you do not flush your colon with a colonic irrigation during your detoxification process, you are not going to have very much reduction of toxicity.

The reason the results will not be significant, is because the toxins will simply leech back in from the colon, taking refuge in your system again; thus negating much of the effect of detoxification.

This is something that I experienced each time I detoxed.  The experience would help for a short period of time, while there were many lasting results, there were deeper aspects of cleanliness which I hadn’t yet touched on.

A problem which would often re-occur was a blockage in the heart chakra, which would keep Chi (bio-morphic or spiritual energy) from properly circulating.  I now believe that this problem was solved by a colonic irrigation, in which a large amount of toxic buildup was flushed from the colon.

The theory that I have about this, is the toxins in the colon, which are between the heart and the naval, blocked the proper flow of energy and contributed to a high level of bodily toxicity.  So symptoms kept occurring, because the underlying dilemma was not solved.

One thing to note about the colon is, if it is not properly flushed, anything which is not pooped out within 24-hours ends up on the wall of the colon, where it putrefies and festers.  Basically it works its way into the colony of bacteria, where it stays there until you either die or actually have a significant series of colon flushes.

I now feel (and have long suspected) that this has a component in the spiritual as well as the physical.  On the physical level, it is a source of toxic buildup and “bad” bacteria; while on the spiritual level, this buildup is a sort of “astral larvae.”

The toxic buildup contains every cheeseburger, pizza, soda, candy or any other junk in the body.  All of these things are dead and are not able to be properly integrated into the human system without causing some sort of impediment.

The longer the junk stays there, the shorter our lives become and the more ill we become.  The same can be said about our spiritual health; without a purge of the astral larvae that are present with this junk, our spiritual health too is damaged.

Those who have had experience with energy healing, such as Tai Chi, mantra meditation and Yoga, understand when the energy is circulating properly.  The energy rises from the kidney meridian, up the spine and into the crown chakra.  Then it descends from the brow through the throat and heart, finally into the naval where the process begins again.

In most individuals, this Chi circulation process is badly disrupted, keeping the nourishing circulation rhythms from benefiting the body.  When you use the proper techniques and have the proper mindset, these rhythms ramp up and create a noticeable flow of energy through the body, creating a very pleasant feeling of wellness and contentment.  I have long thought that this is what true spirituality is all about, caring for the spiritual body and enhancing its ability to grow and prosper.

Colonic irrigation is certainly an integral aspects of spiritual growth, since you are physically  removing many of the negative entities from the body.  If you are unsure about what I have said here, just try it once, and I am quite confident that you will understand what I am talking about here.

There really is no way of describing in words the myriad benefits of deep cleaning our system out.  If more of us would do this, then maybe this world wouldn’t be such a crazy place; but unfortunately, the allopathic doctors of today act like a clean colon doesn’t even matter.

On that, I am quite certain, they are wrong.  It doesn’t take much of an understanding to see why having a bunch non-beneficial bacteria in the colon is harmful.  If you flush out this “bad” bacteria; then, with a proper diet rich in fresh organic vegetables, good bacteria will take the place of the bad bacteria.

If you can get a good ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria, you can greatly enhance your ability to remain healthy, energetic and spiritually fulfilled.

My hope is, with all of these hospitals and health care companies going bankrupt, that many will switch to natural medicine and stop using all of these drugs and eating all of the garbage.  There’s really nothing a doctor can do for you by giving you drugs, after you’ve eaten twinkies and McDeath for decades.

Sometimes it just takes sticking something up your rear-end, and making wiser decisions about what you are going to stuff your face with, to make a significant difference in your life; and begin moving towards a more beneficial path of healing and revitalization.

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