Ayurveda: The Art of Being

When you go into a allopathic hospital or doctor’s office, do you get the impression that it is missing something.  The most apparent aspect of this form of “medicine” is the fact that most of the “treatments” involve a great deal of money and highly profitable drugs.  Indeed, it looks as if the importance of money has outstripped healing in the medical paradigm of today.

For those of us who want to heal in a different way a more mature form of medicine exists; but it is more than just medicine, it is also an awareness of life.  Ayurveda has been with us for thousands of years and it carries with it the knowledge of healing and well-being that is long lost by the proponents of allopathy.

When a more in-depth solution is sought, to heal the root causes of our ailments, the Ayeurvedic principles often have the answers.  Ayurveda sees the body as a microcosm of the whole and the physician is the conveyor belt between the two, dampening any deficiencies of excesses, to bring things into balance.

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