Video: What Is Chi? (rough-cut)

I have yet to see very many comprehensive documentaries regarding the history of and the cultivation of Chi, so I decided to start a documentary project. I did this so that others can learn more about what Chi cultivation can accomplish, why it is an essential part of a truly mindful understanding of life, and how they can learn to harness the innate abilities within their own bodies.

I spent most of the night this Friday working on the first draft of the documentary. The video includes footage of Ashtanga Yoga, Yang Family Tai Chi and the clip about an acupuncturist that has demonstrated miraculous feats with his Chi, who invited highly educated scientists from the united States of America to study him in detail. I also included a brief discussion, featuring myself, about the nature and history of Chi cultivation and Yang Family Tai Chi.

The Tai Chi demonstration features Jesse Tsao on the Tai Chi Sword and the legendary Fu Zhong Wen performing empty handed Tai Chi. The Yoga demonstration was shot by Prajna Yoga, and it features some excellent Yoga practitioners from their Yoga school in India.

It will take several more drafts before this video is complete, but I figured it would be nice to get it out there. Perhaps someone will give me some useful feedback to help me with issues that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Please feel free to give me any constructive criticism that comes to mind.

America’s Currency is Fucked, Its All In The Charts… and in your hearts…

Decades of financial mismanagement by the privately owned Federal Reserve bank have lead to this. The buying power of the American dollar is plummeting like a rock. China recently announced their intention to divest from the Dollar, so we get a catalyzing of what we have right here.

Gold - October 7, 2007 - 1 Year Chart

Could it be that the Zeitgeist is unwinding. Speaking of Zeitgeist, did you know that Zeitgeist is the #1 video on Google Video and #47 video of all time!

Enjoy the ride!!! Life is about to change for everyone. The choice is clear, fear or love…

Ron Paul’s 4.3 Million Fundraiser Shocks Mainstream Media!

Against all of the odds and despite great resistance from the mainstream press and the corporatist welfare system, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently achieved a major victory. Yesterday, November 5, 2007, over 30,000 people decided to open up their wallets and donate to the campaign; Congressman Paul’s campaign raised nearly 3,000 dollars a MINUTE for an entire day!

We have two more campaign drives coming up. Also remember to register republican so you can vote in your primaries. Keep donating to Ron Paul until they have no choice but to acknowledge him as the front runner for the nomination.

The following videos are a sample of the media’s reaction to these surprising developments: Continue reading Ron Paul’s 4.3 Million Fundraiser Shocks Mainstream Media!

I Gave Ron Paul $100 Today… Will You Match Me?

I decided to cough up the full $100 suggested donation for the 5th of November.  What is the future of this country worth to you?  Will you spare a few dollars out of your pocket for the man who can save this great nation?

Americans are voting with their wallets, $3,000 is pouring in each minute.  Please join in and be a part of the revolution.  We want to raise as much as we can on the 5th of November.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

By Patanjali – edited by Steffan de Graffenried |

Often called “the father of yoga,” Patanjali was the guy who codified his thoughts and knowledge of yoga in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. In this work, Patanjali compiled 195 sutras or concise aphorisms that are essentially an ethical blueprint for living a moral life and incorporating the science of yoga into your life. Although no one is sure of the exact time when Patanjali lived and wrote down his sutras, it is estimated this humble physician who became one of the world’s greatest sages roamed India somewhere between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D.

In a world where we reduce nearly everything to quick tips and sound bites, Patanjali seems to fit right in with his brief 195 guidelines to enlightenment. But in the case of Patanjali, simplicity is deceptive. In fact, scholars still don’t agree on what Patanjali meant in some of his sutras.

The Yoga Sutra is considered the fundamental text on the system of yoga, and yet you won’t find the description of a single posture or asana in it. This is a guide for living the right life. Essentially, Patanjali says, you can’t practice asanas in yoga class, feel the stretch, and then go home to play with your kids, cook a meal, yell at your employees, and cheat on your taxes. There is more to yoga than that — yoga can help you cultivate body, mind, and spiritual awareness. Continue reading The Eight Limbs of Yoga

Brief Kung Fu Demonstration: Siu Moi Fah

Today I put together my first serious attempt at a martial arts video. I am certainly no master, but I think it is important for others to see what this practice is all about, so they too may choose to take part in their own training and better themselves.

It is one thing to hear about something, but seeing it makes it all the more clear in your mind. Even better than seeing it, trying it allows you to feel the effects in your whole body.

The form demonstrated is from the Choy Li Fut system, it is an intermediate form called Siu Moi Fah. I have always loved this form, I will probably be practicing it 10 years from today if I am still physically able to.

The next video in this series will be a long one about Tai Chi. It will be much longer and will require more shooting and editing, so it may take a week or two Continue reading Brief Kung Fu Demonstration: Siu Moi Fah

The Tai Chi Adventure Continues

Tonight marks the third night this week that I’ve spent at least an hour practicing Tai Chi. During each evening, I practiced the 108 Movement Form (Yang Family Long Form) 3 times without a break. Since each repetition of the form is about 20 minutes, an hour of practice is guaranteed.

With all of this regular practice, the rust is starting to burn off: strength is returning to the legs, the motion is growing steadily more fluid, the connection between the upper and lower body has improved greatly. The connections within the body have grown so much more intricate that I can now feel the connection from the hands, all the way down to the feet and even the very Earth below. After the conclusion of Tai Chi tonight, I still had enough strength to do a few repetitions of my favorite Choy Li Fut form Siu Moi Fah.

As this adventure continues, I’m becoming ever more certain that Tai Chi is an essential element of the path of self realization. Indeed there are few arts capable of producing the inexhaustible marvels enjoyed by practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan. Continue reading The Tai Chi Adventure Continues