Ron Paul’s 4.3 Million Fundraiser Shocks Mainstream Media!

Against all of the odds and despite great resistance from the mainstream press and the corporatist welfare system, Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul recently achieved a major victory. Yesterday, November 5, 2007, over 30,000 people decided to open up their wallets and donate to the campaign; Congressman Paul’s campaign raised nearly 3,000 dollars a MINUTE for an entire day!

We have two more campaign drives coming up. Also remember to register republican so you can vote in your primaries. Keep donating to Ron Paul until they have no choice but to acknowledge him as the front runner for the nomination.

The following videos are a sample of the media’s reaction to these surprising developments:

Video: CNN Coverage of Ron Paul’s Money Bomb 11/06

Video: Ron Paul w/ Tucker 11/06

Video: Ron Paul on Fox 11/06

Video: Ron Paul on ABC 11/06

Video: Ron Paul on MSNBC 11/06

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