I have yet to see very many comprehensive documentaries regarding the history of and the cultivation of Chi, so I decided to start a documentary project. I did this so that others can learn more about what Chi cultivation can accomplish, why it is an essential part of a truly mindful understanding of life, and how they can learn to harness the innate abilities within their own bodies.

I spent most of the night this Friday working on the first draft of the documentary. The video includes footage of Ashtanga Yoga, Yang Family Tai Chi and the clip about an acupuncturist that has demonstrated miraculous feats with his Chi, who invited highly educated scientists from the united States of America to study him in detail. I also included a brief discussion, featuring myself, about the nature and history of Chi cultivation and Yang Family Tai Chi.

The Tai Chi demonstration features Jesse Tsao on the Tai Chi Sword and the legendary Fu Zhong Wen performing empty handed Tai Chi. The Yoga demonstration was shot by Prajna Yoga, and it features some excellent Yoga practitioners from their Yoga school in India.

It will take several more drafts before this video is complete, but I figured it would be nice to get it out there. Perhaps someone will give me some useful feedback to help me with issues that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Please feel free to give me any constructive criticism that comes to mind.

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