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Obama’s War Crimes – An Interview with David Lindorff about Omar Khadr

If someone initiates force against you, you DO have the right to defend yourself. Governments don’t like this, since they are one of the principle organizations initiating force. They want their agents (aka soldiers) to be able to initiate force, without people defending themselves against their aggression.

If you have trouble understanding this, think about how you would behave, or how you would like to *think* you’d behave, if someone like China invaded the US. You’d like to think that you would defend yourself against the invaders.Most likely, though, being as many of the people in the US are domesticated and trained to worship “might”; I doubt that most people would do anything if invaded.

Its Admitted: Georgian President is a Tyrant

It is finally being acknowledged in the Western media that the President of Georgia Saakashvili is a puppet for United States and Israel, attempting to spread their form of tyranny to the border of Russia, so that they may further control of hydrocarbon resources and set-up pipelines in the Caspian Sea region.

The media is finally admitting what I’ve been saying all along, that the Russians did not initiate the attack on South Ossetia as the media had originally parroted all over the television. Instead, the President of Georgia, in a pre-meditated plot, purposely bombed civilian targets and then, in the classic false-flag Zionist/American style, blamed the bombing on Russia.

I know of no greater coward than a man who would use the cloak of government to murder innocent civilians and then, when he failed at achieving his ends, blame the forces that came in to protect those people. The cowards on this side of the pond that seek to justify the slaughter by Shaakashvili fail to realize what sorts of places were bombed and refuse to do their own research. Read the rest of this entry »

The Conflict In Georgia

I’ve got news for anyone who has been watching the version of events shown throughout the western world. Some of you may find it shocking, but most of you already know, deep inside, that this is the case. What you were told about the conflict with Georgia being an act of aggression by Russia is total and complete nonsense.

I wanted to reserve my opinion on this matter until I was able to see more information about this event, since I already know, from events such as the 9/11 (and many others), that the media and especially the United States government, will never represent events as they actually are.

The evidence that I have seen indicates that Georgia initiated the conflict by, essentially, carpet bombing South Ossetia and murdering countless civilians. During this aggression, the Georgians bombed temples, hospitals and homes; and it wasn’t by accident.

Soon after the rampage, the people of South Ossetia called out for help from their Russian counterparts. Since 90% of the people of South Ossetia are, in fact, Russian citizens and Russian peacekeepers had also been bombed, Russia sent in troops to ward off the Zionist-controlled invaders.

It is very sad indeed, that American figure-heads such as McNugget (McCain) and many other war mongers, have pinned the blame on Russia for this atrocity. This should not surprise you, since none of these men who are attempting to mask what happened have a shred of dignity.

Its not to worry though, since the people who think they are going to get away with murder are, one day, going to have to pay tenfold in karmic retribution. So trash heaps like McNugget and the other zio-nazi puppets can sit smug for now, but in the long run, you will have to undo the damage you have done, else continue to face adversity and your eventual demise (at your own hands, no-less).

John McCain: Liar, Murderer and a Thief

There is a man named John McCain in Washington DC (District of Criminals), who has done a great deal of lying, to push the United States into war with Iraq and Afghanistan.  If that weren’t enough bloodshed, he would also like to drag us into another war with Iran.

Perhaps, one of these days, we will see convened a special tribunal, for men like McCain.  During the tribunal, it would be nice to show all of the contradictory public statements and fabrications, with a video much like the one below.

This video illustrates McCain’s many lies and contradictions better than any I have seen thus far:

John McNugget is a puppet, doing the bidding of oligarchs in the United Kingdom who want to see the end of America as we know it.  If elected, the butcher of Baghdad will drag the nation into more wars, until it is utterly bankrupt (both morally and literally) and chaos descends upon the streets of the united States of America.

Let us pray that this psychopath’s delusions of grandeur and empire are cut short, and he is not allowed to become the next President.

If there really were any justice in this world, the tribunal would be convened sometime in 2009.  It looks like he, and others like him, face an even worse fate.  Their souls will bear the weight of their mis-deeds for all of eternity, as they burn in their own self-imposed hell-on-Earth.  This is the hell that McCain dreams of creating each night, while he is asleep.

I firmly believe that this man works for interests, who are opposed to the evolution of human-kind.  I would love to see the a grass-roots change in the minds of people everywhere that could stop this.

But alas, despite all of this man’s lies and inaccuracies, I still see McCain bumper stickers everywhere I go.  There is an old saying, “In the Land of the Blind, the one-eye is king.”

Will this and other satanically inspired men rule the global war on humanity?  The answer is yes, if we continue to do what we are doing.

Who is Pol Pot?

During the Vietnam Conflict, the notorious war criminal Richard Nixon, ordered secret bombing raids on the civilians of Cambodia. Nixon subscribed to the Mad Man Theory of War, which called for relentless bombings, to bring fear into the hearts of their enemies.

These mad raids de-stabilized the government and the social order of Cambodia, and ushered in the Communist reign of Pol Pot and the Camere Rouge.

Under the reign of Pol Pot, millions of people were forcibly removed from the cities, and forced into a communist agrarian society. The middle class, and anyone else who may challenge the rule of the new government, was systematically slaughtered or enslaved. Read the rest of this entry »