Who is Pol Pot?

During the Vietnam Conflict, the notorious war criminal Richard Nixon, ordered secret bombing raids on the civilians of Cambodia. Nixon subscribed to the Mad Man Theory of War, which called for relentless bombings, to bring fear into the hearts of their enemies.

These mad raids de-stabilized the government and the social order of Cambodia, and ushered in the Communist reign of Pol Pot and the Camere Rouge.

Under the reign of Pol Pot, millions of people were forcibly removed from the cities, and forced into a communist agrarian society. The middle class, and anyone else who may challenge the rule of the new government, was systematically slaughtered or enslaved.

All forms of religion were destroyed, the word sleep was banned, the year was reset to Zero, families were even split up. Everything that glued the Cambodian society together was systematically destroyed, while those in the west, originally responsible for the desolation, stood by idly.

The governments and the so-called humanitarian organizations of the Western world refused to provide aid to the very people they helped to destroy the lives of. Most of the aid came from poor nations such as Vietnam, whose aid was a tiny percentage of what was necessary.

In Cambodia (Year Zero) John Pilger vividly reveals the brutality and murderous political ambitions of the Pol Pot / Khmer Rouge totalitarian regime, which bought genocide and despair to the people of Cambodia while neighboring countries, including Australia, shamefully ignored the immense human suffering and unspeakable crimes that bloodied this once beautiful country.

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