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#24 Dealing With Issues Like Monsanto and GMOs; Actions That Might ACTUALLY Work


I’ve seen alot said about the problems people have with Monsanto and other such big agri-biz companies. I have many of the same problems with them as do you. Where I differ with most of you, is in the solutions.

I don’t think waving a placard and writing my “representative” in the capitol, is going to change anything for the better. Waving a placard may raise awareness about issues; but in order to really accomplish anything of merit, you must also take action. I don’t consider “political action” and placard waving to be action.

Real action is taken in the market: your purchasing decisions and quite possibly, your own contributions to the market. Did you ever stop to think that there may be a better way to produce food than what the Monsanto farmers are doing? If you are right, there is a business opportunity; one that might just make you alot of money, or at least defray your food costs and make it so you, at least, know where your food is coming from.

Here are some resources to learn more:

Recorded on 06/03/2013

Podcast #3: Sustainability For Generations to Come


The primary focus of today’s podcast is: lasting sustainability, how we can achieve it and how we can avoid the many traps along the way.

  • Taoism and the spontaneous nature of existence
  • Problem with environmental activism “the world we don’t want versus the world we do want”
  • Forcing behavior versus incentivizing behavior
  • Permaculture
    • Food forests
    • Beneficial interaction between plants/animals/people
    • How we can use permaculture to improve our land and reduce work
  • Solar cooking
  • Stepping back and realizing the simple solutions to problems
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