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Entering the library of the Akasha

Human creation such as families, laws, institutions, money, textiles, rooms, carpets, cars, etc have little significance in the greater scheme of things. This is so because the connections that we share are shared by all; they have nothing to do with civilization or any of the other imaginings of mankind. In the realm of the Akasha, each of us possesses a light body and recognizes that others are always spiritually connected.

Our universal connections are seldom understood, even though they are accessible by everyone; this is because the human mind tends to indoctrinated with one of the many popular cultures of humankind. The indoctrination process often causes the mind to become engrossed in the generally accepted reality and filter all else out of their awareness.

It is possible, however, to deactivate this firewall, of sorts, that we have created in our minds; a firewall which possessed the soul purpose of filtering out the myriad of things that are continuously streaming into our minds. It is essential that we open the gates to more of what exists so that we can have access to the greatest library of them all, the Akashic library.
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