Human creation such as families, laws, institutions, money, textiles, rooms, carpets, cars, etc have little significance in the greater scheme of things. This is so because the connections that we share are shared by all; they have nothing to do with civilization or any of the other imaginings of mankind. In the realm of the Akasha, each of us possesses a light body and recognizes that others are always spiritually connected.

Our universal connections are seldom understood, even though they are accessible by everyone; this is because the human mind tends to indoctrinated with one of the many popular cultures of humankind. The indoctrination process often causes the mind to become engrossed in the generally accepted reality and filter all else out of their awareness.

It is possible, however, to deactivate this firewall, of sorts, that we have created in our minds; a firewall which possessed the soul purpose of filtering out the myriad of things that are continuously streaming into our minds. It is essential that we open the gates to more of what exists so that we can have access to the greatest library of them all, the Akashic library.

In the early 1900s a psychic by the name of Edgar Cayce learned how to consult the Akashic Records. His readings are proof that we can all benefit from the knowledge derived from this realm. Cayce claimed, on several occasions, that we all posses the ability to traverse these higher realms; it can be done with or without the use of Shamanic substances such as Ayahuasca or Peyote, although the absence of such substances makes the transition considerably more difficult.

During the spring of 2002 I unexpectedly gained access to the vast library after ingesting a large quantity of the Ayahuasca root. I would never have been able to guess where the Ayahuasca would bring me.

It all started with the bitter experience of ingesting an entire bowl of this substance. I then had a period of about 20 minutes where nothing much was happening. Then it started to hit me and I ended up having to expel the substance from my body. It was not a pleasant experience, at that point in time, because my body was reacting as if it were food poisoning.

As I was expelling the Ayahuasca, I noticed that my perception of physical objects and myself was starting to change. I looked at the walls and they were more than just solid sheets of wood and paint, wavy patterns of light covered the walls and many of the objects in the bathroom. The toilet and all of the rubbish laying in the room took on a life of its own, I perceived it as a dark presence.

It appears as if the substance made me aware of my patterned states, this includes many sub-conscious archetypes which were present in my mind and I hadn’t realized it prior. I then got up and looked into the mirror only to find that I look nothing like I remembered myself looking. Usually, when we look at ourselves or anyone else, we simplify what we are looking at.

Now that the “reality filter” was off, however, nothing is quite as simple as it used to seem; time begins to dilate to such an extent that the experience of a minute is equivalent to the experience of an hour in a “normal” state. In such a state, you begin to become keenly aware of nearly everything and everyone that is around you and all of the minutiae.

After having felt this hyper-awareness for about 20-30 minutes, I became intensely bored with the Earth and everything I was around and began to confront the many subconscious archetypes of myself and what I perceived in others. I noticed the patterns that everyone in the group was occupied with, it was intriguing for some time, but the time dilation became even more exacerbated as the substance kicked in.

I decided to retreat to a closet and do some soul searching until I reached the end of this experience. I laid my head back and confronted, head on, the dark entities which, increasingly, tormenting me with their many tools. For awhile they dominated over me and made fear their awesome level of control.

Gradually the filter dis-engaged and I saw less and less of my own mental archetypes; I began seeing things which cannot be very well described by words, terms and symbols. I cannot accurately say what they were, but I can say that they weren’t like anything on the Earth, nor was there any simillence of a floor or ceiling. It was a three-dimensional realm of beings with light bodies, instead of the heavy chemical bodies that we are used to.

For awhile I watched, in awe of what I was seeing. I thought that it cannot possibly get more intense than this, but alas, there was more to it. I started to notice that I was experiencing other realities simultaneously. I don’t know how this was done, but apparently the mind can do it, we are not simply locked into one field, but can experience many. I was able to experience approximately seven simultaneous realities.

The realities were vastly different from one another. In one reality, I was a man who was taking part in an Earth-like situation, while in others I was in totally Alien situations which are nearly indescribable. During all of this time, I retained mental access to the body I was in and anyone who came to see me, although I had to make a concerted effort to bring that reality back into focus with all of the intense things which were occurring in the many parallel realities.

The experience of parallel realities continued for several hours, it seemed like several years to me at the time, however, because the experience was a tremendous download of information for such a short period of time. After awhile of embracing the plenitude of the Akasha, I relaxed, accepted the beauty of it all, and began to feel the warmth of oneness. I felt as if everything is wrapped in different layers, like an onion, and I had finally reached the inner layers.

I began to see nothing more than a beautiful white light, which seemed to me to be pure energy. I embraced its presence and communicated with it telepathically for the duration of the heightened experience.

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