Undeniable Proof of Extra-Terrestrial Life

Most people think an instance has never occurred, where the existence of extra-terrestrial life can be verified, in full view of the public. I am here to tell you, however, that proof exists; this proof clearly shows that extra-terrestrials are present in Earth orbit.

Where does the proof come from? The footage from NASA, gathered during STS-75.

The tether mission video shows the tether breaking and moving away from the Space Shuttle. Later you can see large craft, which are clearly flying BEHIND the tether, indicating that it is not simply “dust and debris.”

Watch and you shall see…

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One thought on “Undeniable Proof of Extra-Terrestrial Life”

  1. Yes, also, you must know that some “aliens” – like the ever so common ‘Greys’ – are primarily delegated to certain nonphysical realms, possibly lower Astral realms. This isn’t to say that they’re wholly bad, but one should never assume otherwise either. It is best to keep your heart at gear neutral. Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog, man! Keep it up with the metaphysical entries.

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