A friend recently showed me some interesting footage, much of which is not widely known of outside of the UFO/ET research community. The footage is enough to make anyone rethink their assumptions about whether or not advanced life-forms are actively interacting with the Earth and its people.

The first video is a NASA video, which was shot their famous “tether mission,” where they unfurled a tether that was several kilometers long. The tether broke and went spinning off into space where it stretched out.

While they were filming the tether, they started seeing several sorts of craft flying all around the tether, both in front of and behind, some of these craft were over 2km in Diameter, judging from their size in relation to the huge tether and their appearance behind it, signifying that the craft must be at least the length of the proportion of the tether which it spans in the image.

During the footage, many of the ships materialized and de-materialized within view of the cameras and many other interesting anomalies were seen. This is certainly some of the most compelling and credible UFO footage ever to be released to the public.

The next video, though quite interesting, is less easily verifiable. It is a video of an alien ship landing in a wooded area, followed by a close encounter of the 5th kind. It was shot by a family who lived nearby, after a power outage that was originally thought to be a plane crash.

Two men from the family went out to investigate and saw a ship on the ground with Aliens walking around outside of the ship. The aliens spotted the men, later the men fled to their home, bringing the corpse of a dead alien. Later the aliens broke into the family’s home and abducted them, after which the video ended.

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