Ok, I had a bout of inspiration as I woke up today. I had been a bit torn on what I would do as one of my first “full fledged” vlogs (with the new mic, backdrop, mixer, webcam, etc).

The topic of the vlog is going to be, “Anarchism/Voluntarism FAQ”. In this VLOG, I intend to answer many of the questions I often get, the easy questions and especially the tough questions. Feel free to add your question here and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do some research; but it WILL be answered.

So far, thinking back on the history of my interactions with curious friends and statists, I’ve got these (in order of importance:

  • What exactly IS anarchism, voluntarism, agorism and counter-economics?
  • How do we get from here to there. (i.e. from statism to voluntarism, or a ruler-less anarchic society)?
  • Why don’t you vote for “_____” to fix the problem and just minimize the state (minarchy), instead of abolition?
  • How would common goods like roads be provided?
  • How would products be regulated?
  • How would the environment be protected?
  • How would disputes be settled?
  • How would large/medium and/or individual scale defense services be provided?
  • Would a governmental collapse result in anarchism?
  • How would the poor/sick/old/weak be helped and protected?
  • How would the young be educated?

Any more? Tough questions, easy questions, anything’s game, I will give it my best shot to give you a good answer…

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