New VLOG Coming Soon: Anarchist/Voluntaryist FAQ

Ok, I had a bout of inspiration as I woke up today. I had been a bit torn on what I would do as one of my first “full fledged” vlogs (with the new mic, backdrop, mixer, webcam, etc).

The topic of the vlog is going to be, “Anarchism/Voluntarism FAQ”. In this VLOG, I intend to answer many of the questions I often get, the easy questions and especially the tough questions. Feel free to add your question here and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll do some research; but it WILL be answered.

So far, thinking back on the history of my interactions with curious friends and statists, I’ve got these (in order of importance:

  • What exactly IS anarchism, voluntarism, agorism and counter-economics?
  • How do we get from here to there. (i.e. from statism to voluntarism, or a ruler-less anarchic society)?
  • Why don’t you vote for “_____” to fix the problem and just minimize the state (minarchy), instead of abolition?
  • How would common goods like roads be provided?
  • How would products be regulated?
  • How would the environment be protected?
  • How would disputes be settled?
  • How would large/medium and/or individual scale defense services be provided?
  • Would a governmental collapse result in anarchism?
  • How would the poor/sick/old/weak be helped and protected?
  • How would the young be educated?

Any more? Tough questions, easy questions, anything’s game, I will give it my best shot to give you a good answer…

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6 thoughts on “New VLOG Coming Soon: Anarchist/Voluntaryist FAQ”

    1. Cogrlatunations and way to go!!! Totally know how it is with those quick unplanned natural births lol, I had my twins 2 weeks ago and was already 10cm when I got to the hospital. If anything is harder than pushing out one baby unmedicated, it’s pushing out two haha.

    2. I’m starting to feel a bit guilty for not supporting Lewis Hamilton more, but although he is a rookie he has been unbelievably lucky to come into F1 in a season where the cars seem relatively easy to drive and are incredibly reliable – given that, as you say it would be more surprising if he didn’t finish in the top 3 at each race. It’s still a phenominal record he is compiling.Alonso has had some bad luck which has kept him off the podium, but that luck has to change sometime – surely?

    3. Hurra! Vilken jättebra idé!Angående NC: Det är praxis att, tillsammans med licensen skriva en kort text om hur det ska tolkas (samt eventuella undantag eller tillägg till den fulla licenstexten), så det bör inte vara något problem att se till att licensen blir uppmntrande på det sätt som avses.

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