Neurosis – Crawl Back In

by Neurosis

Hammer in skull I am waiting to return your suffering.
In my mind I see you distant, broken and lost again.

When you come back I won’t know you.
We won’t fit right like it was before.
Time is truth, hard and cruel
And my heart has turned to stone.
I crawled back in, I am hungry,
I made sure my traps are set in space.

We had been standing on these tracks,
All the winds never called us back.

We laid so long, eternal night, in my heart it never left.
I’ll stand here, you go on, when you see me I’ll be gone.
Every road brings us on the past is never forgiven it is atoned.

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2 thoughts on “Neurosis – Crawl Back In”

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  2. Hi William–Wow, those are some sick fees. Everything always seems to be so exaggerated in NY, cost wise. I’d try the part-time job with health insurance, or move out of state! That’s prohibitive. NY is such an “activist” state, you’d think someone would jump all over those premiums.

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