Edible Landscape: Turning Barren Suburban Lawns Into Food and Aesthetic Beauty

When driving through suburban streets, do you ever get the feeling that something isn’t quite right?  Maybe there is something that we can do with our land to make it more than just a place for useless, allergen producing, grasses to grow; but instead a place where we can experience beauty and create a wide variety of fresh foods in the process.  Then it is time we realized that we can have beauty and productivity on our land, it is up to each of us to create it and it isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Listed below are a couple of interesting videos on turning the barren and wasteful sub-urban landscape into a beautiful and productive place of food-production and aesthetic beauty.  Many people are finally starting to wake up from the cold and empty sub-urban mentality, started in the 1950’s, to discover the value in the land they are living on.  Using “edible landscape” techniques, these neighborhoods where people often have little to do with one another, can turn into real communities, where the people actually need each other and form real bonds, instead of just passing and sharing nothing but vestigial pleasantries.

Perhaps those of us, who are simply fed up with the rigged political and economic system, can do things like “edible landscape” to change things from the ground up.  There really is no reason to ship our food hundreds of miles, pay all of the taxes on it and go through so many middle men.  That is the majority of what we are paying for at the supermarkets.  We can have food in our own neighborhood and have plenty to eat and trade with one another, fostering a real sense of community.

Here are just a few short videos, showing the possibilities:

Get Fresh with Sara Snow
Edible Estates
PERMACULTURE TRIO: Forest Gardening, Edible Landscaping …

Please pass this along if you find that this idea resonates with you.  Maybe some of your friends will benefit from it as well.

The more real communities we can form, the less these economic crisis on Wall Street will affect us, since the only reason they are really crisis is because we have become so dependent on them over the past few decades.

One day we will be able to live with minimal impact from elitist bankers/politicians involvement in our lives.  And we may be able to do a large part of this transition here in our existing homes and neighborhoods.  We really don’t have anything to lose from changing ourselves and our communities; but we stand to lose everything if we are going to wait for everyone and everything else to change first.

Its not a lost cause, and we don’t have to waste any more of our energy on this ridiculous political and economic system that is designed to rob all but a select few, and encourages people to sell-out and be wasteful.

I wish you all the best

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