Oh Guru, On that Bed of Nails: You Know It Better Than Anyone

I was Frustrated with the world, since as anyone can see, it is a vacuous place and its easy to feel forgotten and discarded. I wanted to know more, so I could finally understand, where I truly belong in this ungodly awful sham.

You see, it seems that all I get from this world is the same old thing, just an image of my life, that’s nothing, but unreal. Its as plain as day, to anyone who wishes to see, who they want me to be is not to be me.

So along came this guru, who says he can lay on a bed of nails. He says that I know nothing, and that my hands are firmly tied.

So then I got involved, and I later found that I don’t have the ability, nor could I ever, to find an answer inside. It seems I am just too corrupt and awful inside, but all I have to do to turn it around, is live the life that he tells me to.

So I’ll just drop everything, that I ever felt I should do, turn my back on my friends, and leave it all behind. They have no real value, as I have been told, since they are merely bags of waste; so I will just follow him down, into the dark hole of certainty. Continue reading Oh Guru, On that Bed of Nails: You Know It Better Than Anyone

The Conflict In Georgia

I’ve got news for anyone who has been watching the version of events shown throughout the western world. Some of you may find it shocking, but most of you already know, deep inside, that this is the case. What you were told about the conflict with Georgia being an act of aggression by Russia is total and complete nonsense.

I wanted to reserve my opinion on this matter until I was able to see more information about this event, since I already know, from events such as the 9/11 (and many others), that the media and especially the United States government, will never represent events as they actually are.

The evidence that I have seen indicates that Georgia initiated the conflict by, essentially, carpet bombing South Ossetia and murdering countless civilians. During this aggression, the Georgians bombed temples, hospitals and homes; and it wasn’t by accident.

Soon after the rampage, the people of South Ossetia called out for help from their Russian counterparts. Since 90% of the people of South Ossetia are, in fact, Russian citizens and Russian peacekeepers had also been bombed, Russia sent in troops to ward off the Zionist-controlled invaders.

It is very sad indeed, that American figure-heads such as McNugget (McCain) and many other war mongers, have pinned the blame on Russia for this atrocity. This should not surprise you, since none of these men who are attempting to mask what happened have a shred of dignity.

Its not to worry though, since the people who think they are going to get away with murder are, one day, going to have to pay tenfold in karmic retribution. So trash heaps like McNugget and the other zio-nazi puppets can sit smug for now, but in the long run, you will have to undo the damage you have done, else continue to face adversity and your eventual demise (at your own hands, no-less).

David Wilcock Discusses 2012 with Tom Murasso and Cheryl Dobbins

David Wilcock is one of the most fascinating and credible paranormal researchers of today.  For the last several years, David has been discussing the transformations, which his research indicates are going to happen leading up to and after the year 2012.

Currently, we are in the midst of a great transition, as is evidenced by the turmoil that we are seeing all around us every day.  David Wilcock believes that this transition will actually be a positive transition, contrary to what many alternative researchers believe.

If what David says is true, we are about to embark upon a great journey, which will change every aspect of our lives, including the way we go about our day to day lives, as well as speeding up the pace of change, which is basically increasing the speed of time.

The Dogon and the Sirius Mystery

George Noory interviews Robert Temple about his book The Sirius Mystery and the Dogon tribe of Mali.

According to anthropological studies, the Dogon Tribe of Africa developed a religion based on the Sirius star system and were aware of Sirius B (a companion star that can’t be seen with the naked eye) as well as a third star in that system which wasn’t confirmed by astronomers until 1995, nearly 20 years after Temple wrote about it in his book.

The Dogons believed that beings from a planet in the Sirius system came to Earth in the distant past, landing in a place where their ancestors came from (Temple suggested that this was probably Egypt). These ETs were slimy, air-breathing aquatic creatures that had fish-like tails and arms without elbows, and he noted that similar beings have also been described in ancient China, Greece, and Sumeria. The Dogons said that when the ETs were here, a new star appeared in the sky that disappeared after they left. Temple surmised that this was likely their orbiting mother ship.

Independant Egyptologist, John Anthony West at CPAK 2007

John Anthony West helped popularize the evidence for water weathering on the Great Sphinx of Giza. Based on the evidence he and several geologists have analyzed, J.A. West theorizes that the Sphinx is probably at least 30,000 years old.

Mr. West is preparing to assemble a panel of geologists together, so they can further analyze the weathering on the Sphinx; hopefully opening the way for academia to acknowledge that they were incorrect about the dating of ancient Egypt.

You’ll never know, you’ll never know anything at all

And nothing is written in the book, reality is made by you
And every lie that you pursue, eventually turns true
And I was told that your eyes would shine, a light up into space
And infinity would then consume this ordinary place
You know nothing, you know nothing at all
How could you know, you’ll never know anything at all
You’ll never know, you’ll never know anything at all
You know nothing, you know nothing at all
I saw you standing in the fire, beneath a crimson moon
The ocean whispered on the sore, and echoed in the ruins
Inside your body is a clear blue light, and time was made from this
Your shadows swallow everything it feels. You punish us with bliss
You know nothing, you know nothing at all
How could you know, you’ll never know anything at all
You’ll never know, you’ll never know anything at all
You know nothing, you know nothing at all

— swans – White Light from the Mouth of ∞

Ra: A Being from the Higher Dimensions

Beyond the reality filter that binds us to the material existence and all of its trappings, there lie a magnificent tapestry of beautifully interlaced reality matrices. These differing densities of reality are traversed by all beings, they present us with the challenges and opportunities that the universe needs to create growth towards greater oneness.

In our little corner of existence, many believe that there is a being called Ra, who helps to guide us to the next level of our growth on this planet.

The Universe According to Ra

by Wynn Free

Those who channel the entity known as Ra report that he has been involved in the affairs of our planet for the past 75,000 years. At certain points in our history, Ra claims to have manifested a physical body.. Today, Ra says, he exists on a level of pure vibration. He communicates with the group consciousness through dreams, and with individuals through channeling.

The information in this article, in which Ra describes our evolution and coming planetary ascension, is paraphrased or quoted from channeled writings of a group who refer to themselves as L/L Research (please see Sources of Information on Ra).

The Origin of Ra

Long before the inception of life on this planet, Ray says, there were Third Density life forms on Venus similar to our human forms on Earth..

Through evolution, these life forms ”ascended” beyond the Third Density and ultimately fused together into a unified complex which is the entity we now refer to as Ra. Ra identifies himself as a ”social memory complex.”

According to Ra, there are eight densities that all life must pass through, and in his present form, Ra exists on the Sixth Density.

The Earth, Ra claims, is presently at the end of a 75,000-year cycle where many humans will graduate from the Third Density to the Fourth Density by the process known as ”ascension.” Continue reading Ra: A Being from the Higher Dimensions

Spiritual Impediments in the Colon

For the last four years I’ve been exceedingly interested in diet and detoxification.  This started when I read a book about diet and trophology (the science of food combination); this book was derived from the readings of the legendary psychic, Edgar Cayce.

Cayce is famous for delivering thousands of psychic readings, which cured many people and continue to help the people who study these readings.

Once I took the plunge into detox, following the advice closely for a couple of weeks,  I felt a rich and even ecstatic feeling of well-being.  This was the sort of feeling that I hadn’t felt prior to then, because I didn’t realize just how important diet was to one’s overall sense of spiritual and physical well-being. Continue reading Spiritual Impediments in the Colon