The Energy Crisis: Its All a Big Hoax!

As the price of gasoline at the pump passes four dollars, the myth of peak oil seems more real than ever. An empirical look at the reality of the situation, however, shows that the opposite is actually true. We are in a period of record oil availability, yet the price of crude increases endlessly.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out already, what we are witnessing here is a Malthusian effort to reduce the human population of earth and steal wealth from the lower castes. Higher oil prices are an easy way of starving people and killing off “undesirables.”

Lindsey Williams is one of the researchers who really enhanced my understanding. His book, “The Energy Non-Crisis” is an excellent expose of our situation. Here are some excerpts:

Peak Oil Hoax – The Energy Non-Crisis

By Lindsey Williams

The following are small excerpts from chapters in Mr. Willims book ‘The Energy Non-Crisis’

CHAPTER 1 – The Great Oil Deception … There is no true energy crisis. There never has been an energy crisis . . . except as it has been produced by the Federal government for the purpose of controlling the American people. …

CHAPTER 3 – Shut Down That Pipeline … My friend answered, “Well, Brother Lindsey, that’s one of the major cross-country pipelines carrying crude oil from the West to the East.” “Ah,” I answered, “That’s rather interesting. I’ve heard there’s a possibility of an energy crisis. I’m sure glad those pumps are running full speed ahead.” … That was in 1972. You will remember that 1973 was the first time we were told there was really an energy crisis. The East Coast was used as a test for that energy crisis, and there were long lines of people waiting, burning fuel while they waited in line for gas they couldn’t get. … Well, the man finally recognized that I was getting a little bit indignant and he said, “well, mister, if you really want to know the truth, the truth is the Federal government has ordered us to close this pipeline down.” The old Westerner went on and told how he stood up to the boss man, “Why man, I can hardly believe that. After all, we’ve got an energy crisis.” The boss man answered him, “Sir, we’re closing it down because we’ve been ordered to.” … Continue reading The Energy Crisis: Its All a Big Hoax!

The Role of Gold in the Future of the Global Economy

The bear market in the U.S. Dollar is obviously accelerating with each passing day, prices are moving up across the board as the freshly created money increasingly pours into the market for hard assets such as commodities.

Indeed, at the extreme end of possibilities, most of today’s prognosticators believe in one of two potential outcomes:

  1. The dollar collapses into complete oblivion, the United States dis-integrates, anarchy takes hold and society as we know it ceases, bringing about a dark age of chaos and upheaval.
  2. Everything stays about the same, the markets recover in the near future, the economy begins recovery by 2009, and people continue to go further and further into debt; all remains well in the Goldilocks economy, where consequences never befall those who are irresponsible.

My research into these matters indicates that neither of these scenarios are likely, though it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared, at all times, for the first scenario, in case the system does end up coming apart.

During the course of my studies I have come across a brilliant solution, which, after another 30% slide in the dollar, the U.S. Dollar resumes its role as the reserve currency for the planet Earth, but with a modernized and revitalized Gold Certificate Ratio to regulate it, instead of edict-driven interest rate fluctuations. Continue reading The Role of Gold in the Future of the Global Economy

There’s Something About This Place

My experiences over the years,
Confirm to me time and again,
That this place is a disease,
That feeds off of the strong,
And empowers the weak.

I keep trying, and try I must,
But something always seems to come along,
To take away what little I am able to produce,
After taxes and thieves have had their way with me.

I know it hasn’t always been this way,
And it can’t be this way forever,
But I wonder when it will end,
So I can do even one thing,
That isn’t tainted before its complete.

Tainted by the rot of the wretched and soulless,
Weakened and devoured by the fruitless among us,
Made to lay waste in its youth,
Defloured at the pinnacle of its existence.

There are those who will tell me to ignore my concerns,
Paint a smile in my face and enjoy the smell,
But I would be untrue to my self and to you,
If I didn’t say what a dirty rotten hell this place can be.

Its only a perspective, its only my experience,
If I could live it differently, then I surely would,
But this place is what it is,
And I am what I am,
And I’ll be god damned if I’ll just sit back and smile.

Capital Flows Data Shows Large Net Outflow Of Foreign Capital

Dan Norcini | Jim Sinclair’s Mine Set

The US Treasury Department today released its monthly International Capital Flows data for the month of March 2008. Among the main highlights was a significant NET OUTFLOW of foreign capital of some $48.2 billion compared to a revised INFLOW of $48.9 billion in February. That is nearly a $100 billion swing in one month’s time and illustrates how severe the distress in the US financial system was which forced the hand of the Fed to bail out Bear Stearns at the expense of polluting their balance sheet. Wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall in those hidden offices where the various machinations took place as the monetary authorities and their pals in the investment banks plotted and schemed to come up with a way to avert the consequences of their reckless greed and idiocy when it comes to the derivative daisy chain mess they concocted?

That net outflow occurred when short term securities were included in the numbers. When those were stripped out, the data showed a large NET INFLOW of $80.42 billion.

Using the short term measurement, the flows were insufficient to fund the trade deficit for that same month which was at $58.2 billion. That is a shortfall of $106.4 billion. Employing only the long term dated securities, flows were more than sufficient to fund the gap. Continue reading Capital Flows Data Shows Large Net Outflow Of Foreign Capital

May cause insomnia

Alan Kohler | Business Spectator

I don’t know whether to lie awake at night worrying about over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives or not, so I lie awake at night worrying about whether to lie awake and worry.

I should just buy a worry default swap and go back to sleep. But what happens if the counter party can’t pay? Who IS the counter party? And how many trillions of worry default swaps are out there, ready to collapse like an Egyptian block of flats and turn my dreams to nightmares?

The Bank of International Settlements says there are $US681 trillion worth of over-the-counter derivatives in the world, which sounds like rather a lot. Is that more than there are stars in the sky and grains of sand on the beach?

In any case, what does it mean? Should I worry about that number, or is it like saying there were 59.6 billion cappuccinos produced in the world last year. Is that concerning or not?

Last month the Financial Stability Forum (FSF), which was set up in 1999 as an inter-government body to promote international financial stability, solemnly presented a paper to the G7 in which it recommended, among other things, reform of the OTC markets. Continue reading May cause insomnia

Project Camelot: David Wilcock on the Ascension

Several years ago, I read David Wilcock’s book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce? The information that he discusses in his book and the free ebooks on his website, open up a whole new way of thinking; one which integrates decades of independent and unorthodox research.

In this Project Camelot interview, David Wilcock discusses the changes that we are likely to see, leading up to the pivotal year 2012, as well as the events which shaped his spiritual path.

Originally, Wilcock’s information lead me to the channeled Law of One information.

The information described in these channeled readings illustrates, on a very deep level, how the cosmos is organized into the different energy levels, or densities, which we incarnate into based upon our level of awareness.

Planets can be terraformed, when the beings inhabiting them are ready to transform into other densities. Earth may soon be moved out of the 3rd density and into the 4th density, depending on how the people of this planet react to the coming changes. Many researchers believe that 2012 will bring the pivotal changes.

The Road to Ascension : David Wilcock

Watch the Project Camelot Interview: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Our interview with David Wilcock is part of the redirection of Camelot’s energies toward the future of our planet in the years leading up to 2012. As the self-professed reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, he is a good person to start with. In some ways, we have approached David less in the traditional interview mode and more with the stance that all we at Camelot had to do was to place the camera at the opportune time and place and the rest would take care of itself. And so it happened. David is extremely well-read, eloquent and dynamic and in our conversation was able to hit the ground running. He tells us about his own spiritual journey, how he came to terms with his very probable prior life as Edgar Cayce, his meetings with members of the Black Ops community and encounters with the world of the Illuminati, his understanding of the Law of One and the ‘Ra material’, and his in-depth scientific investigations. Continue reading Project Camelot: David Wilcock on the Ascension

Problems with the Economy

“There’s an unceasing wind that blows through this night
And there’s dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
And silence that speaks so much louder than words,
Of promises broken”

~Pink Floyd

I hear a number of theories, regarding the future of our economy. On one side, we have the people who wear the rose colored glasses and live in a one season world. On the other side, we have the people who believe that society, as we know it, will break down completely; that it will be absolute chaos and anarchy.

I can’t say for sure that we won’t have a complete breakdown, but I do know that anyone who says the worst is over, or near over, has got their head way up their ass.

My research into the actual cause of the problems, indicates that the banks are holding about 20 trillion dollars worth of worthless debt-related derivative instruments. This was done, basically, in order for borrowers to get loans without having the collateral to back it up.

Once this practice took hold, huge amounts of debt were created, which lead to the housing bubble of the early 21st century. This debt is not likely to ever be repaid, as there is no practical way to come up with the 20 trillion dollars that would be necessary to unwind these positions. Continue reading Problems with the Economy