There’s Something About This Place

My experiences over the years,
Confirm to me time and again,
That this place is a disease,
That feeds off of the strong,
And empowers the weak.

I keep trying, and try I must,
But something always seems to come along,
To take away what little I am able to produce,
After taxes and thieves have had their way with me.

I know it hasn’t always been this way,
And it can’t be this way forever,
But I wonder when it will end,
So I can do even one thing,
That isn’t tainted before its complete.

Tainted by the rot of the wretched and soulless,
Weakened and devoured by the fruitless among us,
Made to lay waste in its youth,
Defloured at the pinnacle of its existence.

There are those who will tell me to ignore my concerns,
Paint a smile in my face and enjoy the smell,
But I would be untrue to my self and to you,
If I didn’t say what a dirty rotten hell this place can be.

Its only a perspective, its only my experience,
If I could live it differently, then I surely would,
But this place is what it is,
And I am what I am,
And I’ll be god damned if I’ll just sit back and smile.

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