The Energy Crisis: Its All a Big Hoax!

As the price of gasoline at the pump passes four dollars, the myth of peak oil seems more real than ever. An empirical look at the reality of the situation, however, shows that the opposite is actually true. We are in a period of record oil availability, yet the price of crude increases endlessly.

For those of you who haven’t figured it out already, what we are witnessing here is a Malthusian effort to reduce the human population of earth and steal wealth from the lower castes. Higher oil prices are an easy way of starving people and killing off “undesirables.”

Lindsey Williams is one of the researchers who really enhanced my understanding. His book, “The Energy Non-Crisis” is an excellent expose of our situation. Here are some excerpts:

Peak Oil Hoax – The Energy Non-Crisis

By Lindsey Williams

The following are small excerpts from chapters in Mr. Willims book ‘The Energy Non-Crisis’

CHAPTER 1 – The Great Oil Deception … There is no true energy crisis. There never has been an energy crisis . . . except as it has been produced by the Federal government for the purpose of controlling the American people. …

CHAPTER 3 – Shut Down That Pipeline … My friend answered, “Well, Brother Lindsey, that’s one of the major cross-country pipelines carrying crude oil from the West to the East.” “Ah,” I answered, “That’s rather interesting. I’ve heard there’s a possibility of an energy crisis. I’m sure glad those pumps are running full speed ahead.” … That was in 1972. You will remember that 1973 was the first time we were told there was really an energy crisis. The East Coast was used as a test for that energy crisis, and there were long lines of people waiting, burning fuel while they waited in line for gas they couldn’t get. … Well, the man finally recognized that I was getting a little bit indignant and he said, “well, mister, if you really want to know the truth, the truth is the Federal government has ordered us to close this pipeline down.” The old Westerner went on and told how he stood up to the boss man, “Why man, I can hardly believe that. After all, we’ve got an energy crisis.” The boss man answered him, “Sir, we’re closing it down because we’ve been ordered to.” …

CHAPTER 4 – An Important Visit by Senator Hugh Chance … What followed included some of the most astonishing answers I have ever heard in my life. This is not opinion, but is actually what I heard from a man who was one of the original developers of the Prudhoe Bay oil field. He said, “Senator Chance, there is no energy crisis! There is an artificially produced energy crisis, and it is for the purpose of controlling the American people. You see, if the government can control energy, they can control industry, they can control an individual, and they can control business. It is well known that everything relates back to crude oil.” …

CHAPTER 11 – The Barges Froze and Cracked and Popped … I watched as they stalled, and stalled, and stalled for time … until they had finally stalled long enough! The barges froze, and cracked, and popped. The big steel plates were literally destroyed, and millions of dollars worth of equipment was crushed by ice-Why? Could it be that the government did not want that flow of oil? Could it really be that there is no energy crisis, except the one they want to produce? …

CHAPTER 13 – Why Are These Arabs Here? … What follows is an approximate recall of the questions and answers betweenSenator Chance and Mr. X, one and a half years earlier. If you like, this is the good old “flashback” method. The questions and answers went like this. Senator Hugh Chance had asked, “Mr. X, how much oil is there on the North Slope of Alaska?” “Senator Chance, I’m persuaded there is as much oil as there is in all of Saudi Arabia.” “Then, Mr. X, if there is that much oil there, there is not an energy crisis.” (Mr. X’s only answer was a smile, implying that Senator Chance had hit the nail on the head.) “Mr. X, what do you think the Federal government is really out to do?” “Senator, I personally feel that the American government wants to nationalize the oil companies of America.” “Then, Mr. X, if you are so convinced of that fact, have you calculated how long you can remain solvent with present Federal control?” Mr. X was reluctant to answer at first, but then he looked at Senator Chance and said, “Yes, we are so convinced that in fact we, as oil company executives, have made that calculation.” “Then how much longer do you think you can remain solvent?” “Until the year 1982.” “Then, if what you say is true, why don’t you oil companies warn the American people of what is going on? After all, it is your neck that is at stake.” “Senator, we can’t afford to tell the truth.” “Why not?” “Because, Senator, the Federal government already has so many laws passed, and regulations imposed on us as oil companies, that if they decided to enforce these rules they could put us into bankruptcy within six months. Sir, we don’t dare tell the truth.” …

CHAPTER 15 – Waiting for a Huge New Oil Field … A “burn”-in layman’s terms-is a method of proof used when an oil field or an oil well is brought in. I was to watch that day what is probably one of the most phenomenal bits of intelligence information that has ever been discovered since the original oil discovery at Prudhoe Bay. However, this was also to be one of the most devastating things that the government of the United States has ever done to the American people in relation to the energy crisis. …

CHAPTER 16 – Gull Island Will Blow Your Mind! … I went to his office and sat down, and wondered why it was that on this day the trumpets were not sounding. This was a phenomenal thing, and yet there seemed to be no fuss at all about it. Sure enough, without delay, the oil company official soon walked into his office and closed the door behind him. He looked at me with a frown on his face and said, “Chaplain, what you saw yesterday, don’t you ever as long as you live, let anything out that would tell anyone the data that you saw on those technical sheets.” I said, “But sir, that’s going to end the energy crisis in America!” He said, “No, Chaplain, it’s not. Quite to the contrary.” As he sat down behind his desk, I noticed that he was very worried, and then he continued, “Chaplain, you weren’t supposed to see what I showed you yesterday. I’m sorry I let you go with me out there to watch that burn. I’m even more perturbed that I let you look at the technical data, because, Chaplain, you and I might both be in trouble if you ever tell the story of Gull Island.” … This company official said to me,”Chaplain, that great pool of oil is probably as big as the Prudhoe oil field, it has been proven, drilled into, and tested-we know what is there and we know the amount that is there, but the government has ordered us not to produce that well, or reveal any information as to what is at Gull Island.”

I could hardly believe what I heard that day. I walked out of the oil company official’s office very perturbed, because again we could be lied to, the American people would be deceived again-the truth would not be told. As I walked out of that office I realized that I was only one of about six men alive who would even know the truth about Gull Island, or would ever even see the technical data. I was astonished that day because of this restriction on releasing data about the production from beneath a small island out in the Arctic Ocean. This could end the oil crisis, but I had come to the conclusion in my mind, with no doubt whatsoever, that the Federal government would never want that oil produced.

It was not the oil companies that ordered the rig removed and the well capped. It was not the oil companies that said, “We cannot go beyond our 100-mile boundary.” It was not the oil companies that said, “We will not tell the American people the truth.” Rather, it was your Federal and State government … and my Federal and State government-the officials elected by us to represent us for our welfare.

Gull Island was capped and the rig was removed, and the truth has never been’ told … until now! …

CHAPTER 17 – If Gull Island Didn’t Blow Your Mind-This Will! Gull Island just proved what the oil companies have believed for some time. It authenticated the seismographic findings. Seismographic testing has indicated that there is as much crude oil on the North Slope of Alaska as in Saudi Arabia. Since the Gull Island find proved to be seismographically correct, then the other testings are correct also. There are many hundreds of square miles of oil under the North Slope of Alaska. … The Gull Island burn produced 30,000 barrels of oil per day through a 3 1/2 inch pipe at 900 feet.

Three wells have been drilled, proven, and capped at Gull Island. The East Dock well also hit the Gull Island oil pool (you can tell by the chemical structure). For forty miles to the east of Gull Island, there has not been a single dry hole drilled, although many wells have been drilled. This shows the immensity of the size of the field. …

The following is a comparison between the three oil fields on the North Slope of Alaska which have been drilled into with numerous wells, tested, and proven. Prudhoe Bay can produce two (2) million barrels of oil every 24 hours for 20 to 40 years at artesian pressure. Imagine what the production of the Kuparuk and Gull Island fields could be.

Field Pay Zone Oil Area of Field

(Average depth of oil pool)

Prudhoe 600 Ft. of pay zone 100 square miles

Kuparuk 300 Ft. of pay zone Twice the size of Prudhoe

Gull Island 1,200 Ft. of pay zone At least four times the size of Prudhoe . . .

Estimates are that it is the richest oil field on the face of the earth. …

CHAPTER 19 – The Energy Non-Crisis of Natural Gas: A StartlingPrediction Comes True … “Yes,” Mr. X answered, “There’s enough natural gas on the North Slope of Alaska to provide the entire United States with natural gas for the next two hundred years. If every other natural gas well in America were shut off, there would still be enough natural gas on the North Slope to provide for the total projected natural gas needs for all of the United States for 200 years.

That is based on the present calculated rate of consumption and the expected increased consumption year by year -there’s still enough there to provide all the projected needs of the United States for 200 years.” …

And what about Alaska? You guessed it! Morris Udahl’s bill came along, so now we will take most of the land in Alaska, and lock it up in wilderness areas for all time and eternity. This was just one more part of the great plan to lock up all the energy that is so abundant in the North Slope of Alaska. The D-2 land bill has passed, the natural resources can never be produced. It can never be drilled, and it can never be used. We will never be allowed in to find out more, to make the tests to see what is there. They say it is being preserved for our future generations. Future generations? With the technology of today, you mean we cannot develop some alternative means of supplying energy? . . . even when we have at least enough (with crude oil and natural gas) to supply our nation’s energy needs for generations ahead from just a few pools of oil on the North Slope of Alaska? What is the real answer? If a satisfactory alternate energy source cannot be discovered and developed in that length of time, it’s because nobody is trying .. . or somebody doesn’t want one found! …

CHAPTER 20 – A Scandal Greater Than Watergate? … In the year 1973, we experienced the first real so-called energy crisis per se. By the way, have you ever noticed that each of these energy crises have affected only one portion of the country at a time? In 1973 it was only the East Coast (the northern part, in particular). There was no crisis in the West. There was no crisis in the Midwest. There was no crisis in the South. Why the Northeast? Because, you see, that was the first testing ground to find out how far the government could take gullible Americans. Then about the time folks were ready to revolt, suddenly there was no longer a crisis in the Northeast. All of a sudden, out of a clear blue sky, for no known reason, it ceased to exist … all the gas you wanted!

Next, if you remember, it was California. The lines had disappeared in the Northeast. Then they thought, “We’ll try the farming section of the country.” However, that one did not get too much publicity, so that “crisis” didn’t last too long.

It seemed strange to me that I was told by oil company officials a number of months in advance where the next “crisis” would occur.

One section after another of America has been tried, to see just how far they could be pushed before they rebel. Then, at the point of rebellion, the government backs off. All of a sudden there is no energy crisis in that area anymore. …

I am convinced that there is a definite reason, and at this point I move from observations to personal opinion. There is only one thing on earth by which every human being can be controlled, if that product itself is controlled. That product is energy. The world today has become dependent on energy-for its homes, its lights, its fuel, its automobiles, its airplanes, its trucking industry, its railroads, its delivery of goods, etc.

Electricity is produced by the energy of today. Every facet and aspect of our lives can be controlled when energy is controlled. There is no other product on the face of the earth that can so control the American people-and all the people of the world. Whoever controls the energy … controls us! The fact is, if energy can be controlled, you can be controlled. It could not be done by money, for methods of bartering could be developed by the people. If your energy is controlled, however, then “Big Brother” can control how you live in your home; when you go and where you go; the products you buy; the style of life that you will live; even the level of life at which you will live. They can control your state of life and your every movement.

In the days of the horse and buggy, this would not have been so, but today we are dependent entirely on energy. Therefore, because of our complete dependence, we have become ready targets. Now, if they can brainwash the people into believing that there is a true energy crisis, when there actually is not, then they can slow down our society, they can destroy our free enterprise way of life, and they can control every area of our being. It certainly points ultimately to one-world control … and to an evil dictatorship. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Read more about the ‘Peak Oil’ hoax –

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