An Interesting Perspective on Earth’s Future

Aaron Donahue appeared last night on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and had some very interesting things to say. Perhaps we all share a group soul that will perish when the Earth dies.

Whether or not this is the case, much of the responsibility for what has happened to the earth belongs to the mainstream religions. These religions, generally, cause one to believe in eternal life despite what happens to the Earth.

I would imagine that this has something to do with the suicidal recklessness that we’re seeing through the world with respect to environmental concerns. There is a fairly high probability that the Earth will die relatively soon, in my view. Continue reading An Interesting Perspective on Earth’s Future

Massive Sun Temple discovered: the largest ever found in Egypt

Sun Temple Statue: Ramses IIThe confidence of these archaeologists never ceases to amaze me. I have many doubts about the date ranges that these guys give for the sites that they uncover in Egypt. I sometimes wonder whether or not they make up the dates simply to fit their beliefs.

My research indicates that the generally accepted date of the Great Pyramid and Sphinx are off by about 5000 years; they should really be around 10,000 B.C.E.

Associated Press
February 28, 2006

CAIRO: A popular outdoor market in the east of Egypt’s capital city will be shut down after archaeologists discovered a pharaonic sun temple with large statues believed to be of King Ramses II beneath it. Continue reading Massive Sun Temple discovered: the largest ever found in Egypt

How You Are Being Fooled at the Meat Counter

The meat industry is utterly corrupt and contemptible. Beware of eating meats from supermarkets and restaurants.

source: health blog
Ever wonder why the packaged meat you see at the grocery store almost always looks red? To prevent that pinkish red from fading to brown as it sits at the market waiting to be sold, the meat industry is now infusing its products with carbon monoxide as a “pigment fixative,” according to this awesome piece in today’s Washington Post.

Although the industry claims the practice is harmless, many critics, including me, are quite concerned the FDA has violated its own rules by allowing producers to taint their meat with carbon monoxide without reviewing the practice formally based on human health concerns.

In fact, Tyson Foods, one of three American producers, just opened a $100 million manufacturing facility in Texas to produce these modified atmosphere packaged meats, according to experts.

The loophole that allows company to petition the FDA for special dispensation at the expense of your health: The generally recognized as safe regulatory category called GRAS that allows companies to move forward without a public review or formal governmental approval. (By the way, the European Union banned this practice some four years ago.)

The trick about meat, especially in light of this news: Where it comes from and how it’s cooked is the difference-maker. That’s why you should avoid most meat from grain-fed cattle — pumped up with antibiotics and hormones — sold at the grocery store.

Washington Post February 20, 2006

The Ethics of Ambiguity

Simone de Beauvoir is the brilliant mind behind this work; a work that forever changes the lives of those who read it. Here is my analysis of part of the introduction of my favorite book on Existentialism, The Ethics of Ambiguity:

The continuos work of our life,” says Montaigne, “is to build death.” He quotes the Latin poets: Prima, quae vitam dedit, hora corpsit. And again: Nascentes morimur. Man knows and thinks this tragic ambivalence which the animal and the plant merely undergo. A new paradox is thereby introduced into his destiny. “Rational animal,” “thinking reed,” he escapes from his natural condition without, however, freeing himself from it. He is still a part of this world of which he is a consciousness. He asserts himself as a pure internality against which no external power’ can take hold, and he also experiences himself as a thing crushed by the dark weight of other things. At every moment he can grasp the non-temporal truth of his existence. But between the past which no longer is and the future which is not yet, this moment when he exists is nothing. This privilege, which he alone possesses, of being a sovereign and unique subject amidst a universe of objects, is what he shares with all his fellow-men. In turn an object for others, he is nothing more than an individual in the collectivity on which he depends.

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Cultivating Harmony

It is common for us to forget that the chemistry of our bodies is a direct reflection of our minds; every thought we think and every emotion we feel changes this chemistry drastically. This being the case, it is essential, for one’s overall well being and spiritual advancement, to cultivate a feeling of harmony.

I and many others, have been in a state of disonance for the past several months. I can feel this disonance when I look at someone or when I am in a crowd of people, there is a feeling of dispair and defeat; a feeling that something is about to change most drastically. Continue reading Cultivating Harmony