Cultivating Harmony

It is common for us to forget that the chemistry of our bodies is a direct reflection of our minds; every thought we think and every emotion we feel changes this chemistry drastically. This being the case, it is essential, for one’s overall well being and spiritual advancement, to cultivate a feeling of harmony.

I and many others, have been in a state of disonance for the past several months. I can feel this disonance when I look at someone or when I am in a crowd of people, there is a feeling of dispair and defeat; a feeling that something is about to change most drastically.

I think that these feelings are a result of the changes that the entire solar system is experiencing as we complete one Baktun or Long Cycle of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012.

Terence McKenna suggests that the position of winter solstice sun within 3 degrees of the Galactic Center in the year 2012 A.D. (a “once-in-a-precessional- cycle” event) may provide the eschatological end point for his theory of time known as Timewave Zero. His end date was chosen for historical reasons and was, apparently, only later discovered to correspond with the Mayan end date.

As we reach the end of the Baktun, the Sun’s magnetic feild is increasing and the Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing. Although most of us don’t have a clue what the ancients said about this time period; it is evident that we are gearing up for a pole shift and a major transformation for life on earth.

Although many are afraid of the implications of a pole shift; it looks as if it will bring about a new world in which the meaning of time is altogether different.

We are likely to lose many of our material attachments to the great shift of the ages. It is up to us, however, whether or not we use this as an opportunity to reach the next level of consciousness expansion. Are enough of us ready for a new, spiritually advanced, form of life?

I think that there are many who have had great realizations as they watch the corruption wrought by materialist despots on this planet. These people would forego the world that they’ve built for a world of spiritual harmony; a world in which the unfurling of freedom can occur without abberation.

Ultimately, the decision lies in each and every one of us, not in the hands of national and world leaders. If we embrace love, compassion and forgiveness, then we will see these things reflected in those around us.

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