An Interesting Perspective on Earth’s Future

Aaron Donahue appeared last night on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and had some very interesting things to say. Perhaps we all share a group soul that will perish when the Earth dies.

Whether or not this is the case, much of the responsibility for what has happened to the earth belongs to the mainstream religions. These religions, generally, cause one to believe in eternal life despite what happens to the Earth.

I would imagine that this has something to do with the suicidal recklessness that we’re seeing through the world with respect to environmental concerns. There is a fairly high probability that the Earth will die relatively soon, in my view.

Death of Earth and the Human Soul

Aaron C. Donahue |

The earth is an organism that can die and if it dies, we loose our soul. The idea that we shall live forever beyond the body no matter what we do now is false. There is only one soul and we all share it. The earth generates the soul and our spirit facilitates its transmission via the human psyche, brain, and sex.

The entire purpose of this human and earth relationship was designed by other intelligences that require the transmission of historical and non-historical data within our dimension. We were created to view the Universe in such a way that the Universe might see itself.

Something has gone terribly wrong.

The earth had been designed to maintain approximately ten billion people who in turn would tend to a very delicate ecosystem. The advent of ten billion spiritually advanced brains could have ushered in a fantastic change in the way we might understand the Universe and perhaps beyond. It is interesting to note that human consciousness requires the simultaneous firing of approximately ten billion neurons.

Human population will not reach ten billion due to present day global environmental problems. The earth is now dying and it is beyond repair.

Now every known social institution world wide is failing. Child abductions and murder are becoming commonplace. Extreme aberrant human and animal behaviors such as unprovoked attacks and killings are also becoming commonplace world wide. Dwindling natural resources may be one factor but not as important as the idea of total human extinction and the loss of our soul. The idea of this is incomprehensible representing the ultimate fear that will in the near future inspire mass panic and indescribable madness.

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