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Lou Dobbs Discusses the North American Union Highway


Most of the remaining presidential candidates: Hitlery Rotten Clinton, Obama Bin Laden and John McNugget, refuse to take a position on the proposed North American Union Highway. Ron Paul is the only candidate who was willing to discuss the matter.

During a survey conducted by CNN, 97% of the respondents said that they support requiring the remaining presidential candidates taking a position on the highway. (more…)

Gun-Grabber Giuliani: Selling-Off Critical U.S. Infrastructure


Since 1980, “Ghouliani” has been a proponent of gun control. As mayor of New York City, he had the city sue gun manufacturers for “making too many guns.” He believes that guns are only to be used for “hunting and law enforcement,” which indicates that he is ignorant of the advice of the founders, or he just doesn’t care about Constitutional values.

He also harbors the bizarre belief that gun confiscation leads to a decrease in crime. This is bizarre because history shows that the OPPOSITE is actually true. When guns are illegal all manner of crime increase dramatically, as is evidenced in Australia’s recent gun grab. (more…)

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