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She’s a Universal Emptiness


When will you awaken
My dear friend
To the heaven all around us
Splayed open here before us
In this eternal moment
This holy experience

Endlessly you will try
To uncover the manifold mysteries of existence
But you fail to realize
That there is more than this
More than can be known
With the linear mind

This is Mine


This Is Mine
I Own It
I Own This Thing
I Hate Everything
That I Don’t Own
I Own This
I Own This Hole
It’s Mine
Get Out Of My Hole
It’s Mine
It’s Mine
When You Touch My Things
You Spoil Them
When Things Get Dirty
I Spit Them Out
I Own This
I Own This
It’s Mine
It’s Mine

~Michael Gira

Swans: Blood Promise


Lyrics by Michael Gira

When silence falls
And light remains
And time is born
Beneath the sun
I’ll hide your name.
Inside a word
And paint your eyes
With false perception
And I feel your mind
In everything
And every breath
Destroys a sound.
And I will follow
A false sensation.
And I’ll always believe.
Your blood promise
And every breath.
I stole from you
And I never will see
Your perfect body
And you never have spoken
An unclear word
And I’ll never betray
Your blood promise

Floating City


by Tori Amos – Y Kant Tori Read

You went away
Why did you leave me
You know I believed you
Nothing explained
Where are the answers
I know I need you

Tell me
Is your city paved with gold
Is there hunger
Do your people grow old
Do your governments
Have secrets that they’ve sold

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