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This is Mine

This Is Mine
I Own It
I Own This Thing
I Hate Everything
That I Don’t Own
I Own This
I Own This Hole
It’s Mine
Get Out Of My Hole
It’s Mine
It’s Mine
When You Touch My Things
You Spoil Them
When Things Get Dirty
I Spit Them Out
I Own This
I Own This
It’s Mine
It’s Mine

~Michael Gira

Swans: Blood Promise

Lyrics by Michael Gira

When silence falls
And light remains
And time is born
Beneath the sun
I’ll hide your name.
Inside a word
And paint your eyes
With false perception
And I feel your mind
In everything
And every breath
Destroys a sound.
And I will follow
A false sensation.
And I’ll always believe.
Your blood promise
And every breath.
I stole from you
And I never will see
Your perfect body
And you never have spoken
An unclear word
And I’ll never betray
Your blood promise
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