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The End of the British Imperial “Free Trade” System

I had once thought it unstoppable, that the system of so-called “free trade” could be halted. This system is the same one that brought you NAFTA, which has virtually destroyed the economy of North America.

If nations can keep their own economies strong, not completely dependent on pillaging and slave labor, then there is not much that the globalists can do to enslave the people and subjugate the nation-states.

The globalists profit most by flooding a nation’s economy with cheap goods; causing the local infrastructure to deteriorate. If this process can be stopped then the globalists are going to lose their power.

“British Imperial Free Trade Doctrine” At a Dead End

The bad news from Rome, is that the FAO conference did not decide on any truly effective remedy for the worldwide hunger catastrophe. The good news, is that the “free traders” were likewise unable to put through their plans, and that the WTO’s Doha Round will, in all likelihood, end in failure. A commentary by Helga Zepp-LaRouche.

“British Imperial Free Trade Doctrine” At a Dead End And Now, for a New, Just World Economic Order!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche | LaRouchePAC.com

Certainly the bad news from the FAO conference in Rome, is that the measures agreed upon fall far short of what will be necessary to solve the world hunger crisis. The final communique promised a mere $8 billion, without even specifying how it is to be spent. But despite this, the conference’s outcome can be termed a partial victory for the cause of humanity, because the champions of the “British Imperial free trade doctrine,” as Friedrich List once described them, have suffered a decisive defeat.

The so-called developed countries should nevertheless be ashamed that the dividing line between those states whose leaders spoke in favor of food security and protectionist trade measures, and the the partisans of unfettered free trade, ran more or less precisely between the G7 nations on the one side, and the underdeveloped nations on the other. And so, it’s hardly surprising that among the developing countries, the view was widespread, that the G7 is pursuing a neo-colonial policy, and is unwilling to help the world’s poor countries–a view which was already anticipated back in April by FAO Director Diouf. (At least the German delegation, as the conference was winding up, evinced “respect” for the positions of Argentina, Venezuela, and a few other countries.) Continue reading The End of the British Imperial “Free Trade” System