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Regulators at FASB Turn Corporate America into a Brothel


Two of the most corrupt professions on the planet are at work here: banking and accounting. Its funny that they should even call it “accounting” anymore; as it is meant to provide for “accountability” and the “rule of law.” Instead we are stuck with “deceivability” and the “rule of men.”

As you will soon learn, if you haven’t already; there is no reason whatsoever to hold the securities of most of the corporations today. They simply don’t have to account for the value of their assets anymore. If there is no real accountability, then there will be no confidence. If there is no confidence, then there will be no speedy recovery.

This depression will languish for years. People are getting FED-UP with these kinds of cheap, inbred bankster shenanigans; they are starting to buy real hard assets to squirrel away what they are able, to whether the coming storm.

What? You thought the recovery is around the corner. Do you honestly believe what these people who have been repeatedly wrong are telling you once again, like a broken record? The recovery, as you may picture it, is not going to happen.

People are going to have to change their habits to adapt to the new paradigm. They are going to have to cut out the waste, become more sufficient unto themselves, manage their own money with sound economic principles. They must be guided by a understanding of just how perverted the whole economic system has become, over the past couple of decades.

Accounting Brothel Opens Doors for Banker Fiesta

Jonathan Weil | Bloomberg News

March 19 (Bloomberg) — The banks demanded that the accountants give them leeway in how they report losses to investors. The accountants responded by giving away their souls.

This week, the Financial Accounting Standards Board unveiled what may be the dumbest, most bankrupt proposal in its 36-year history. If it stands, the FASB ought to change its name to the Fraudulent Accounting Standards Board. It’s that bad.

Here’s what the board is floating. Starting this quarter, U.S. companies would be allowed to report net-income figures that ignore severe, long-term price declines in securities they own. Not just debt securities, mind you, but even common stocks and other equities, too.

All a company would need to do is say it doesn’t intend to sell them and that it probably won’t have to. In most cases, it wouldn’t matter how much the value was down, or for how long. In effect, a company would have to admit being on its deathbed before the rules would force it to take hits to earnings.

So, if these rules had been in place last year, a company that still owned shares of American International Group Inc. or Fannie Mae, for instance, could exclude those stocks’ price declines from net income entirely. It would make no difference that the companies were seized by the government last year, or that both are penny stocks. The loss would get buried away from the income statement, in a balance-sheet line called “accumulated other comprehensive income.” (more…)

Be Very Careful During The Next Year or Two


I want to take a moment to relate some information that has come to my attention recently, which has the potential to affect everyone on this planet; but particularly those in the united States of America, since they will first be affected by this.

Over the course of the last couple of decades, the financial managers have been allowed to regulate themselves. There was an implicit mandate to create a boom in the housing market in order to bolster the economy.

In order to create this housing boom, a variety of “exotic” financial instruments were employed, which enable them to leverage their assets, and give more loans than they would have generally been able to give. Most of the troubled financial institutions of today were using “off-balance sheet” entities to hold these financial instruments, many of which were very risky.

Well, it looks as if the widely abused loop-hole that allowed them to keep things off of their balance sheet back-fired in an awesome way. Now the new financial accounting standard regulations FAS 140 are forcing them to move these entities back onto their balance sheet and realize any gains or losses.

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