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Ron Paul’s Campaign is Gaining Mainstream Momentum

It looks like Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul is beginning to receive the respect and admiration of mainstream America. Dr. Paul is even appearing in GQ magazine as one of the “Men of the Year.” Below is a wonderful interview by Neal Cavuto of Ron Paul. In the interview they discuss his campaign’s recent success, the governments Constitutional role in protecting the nation, and the need for confidence and trust in government.

Part I of the Recent Interview With Neal Cavuto

“At first he was just an internet curiosity, then he became an internet phenomena. 14 Bands have written songs about him. Rich and not-so rich fans raised more than four million dollars for him in one day. They love his IQ, his EQ and now apparently his GQ, because he is among that hit publication’s men of the year…” ~Neal Cavuto

Part II of the Recent Interview With Neal Cavuto

Ron Paul Places 3rd in Texas Straw Poll: Supporters Locked Out of Poll

Ron Paul got 16.17% of the votes in the Texas Straw Poll despite the fact that Ron Paul delegates were locked out and unable to vote. Some of the delegates were told to leave because they were not “properly dressed,” but when they returned they were told that it’s “too late.”

The reason the “poll” had such a low turnout compared to previous years, might have had something to do with the unadvertised 10pm “cut-off time” which left many of Dr. Paul’s supporters locked out from the voting.

Gotta wonder why they were so interested in limiting the number of people who can register. Looks to me like the GOP made sure the supporters of their favored candidates got in early and then cut off the voting after they got the votes they wanted. They are getting quite desperate to keep up the appearance that anyone really wants to vote for phony conservatives such as Duncan Hunter.

16.17% Ron Paul (217 votes)
41.1% Duncan Hunter (534 votes)
20.5% Fred Thompson (266 votes)
6.4% Mike Huckabee (83 votes)
6% Rudy Giuliani (78 votes)
4.7% Mitt Romney (61 votes)
.46% Sam Brownback (6 votes)
.62% John McCain (8 votes)
.46% Tom Tancredo (6 votes)
2.2% Ray McKinney (28 votes)
.23% Hugh Cort (3 votes)
.77% John Cox (10 votes) Read the rest of this entry »

Ron Paul Wins By Landslide in Alabama Straw Poll

Tom Tancredo – 0 (0%)
Sam Brownback – 2 (.75%)
John McCain – 2 (.75%)
Mike Huckabee – 6 (2%)
Rudy Giuliani – 7 (3%)
Fred Dalton Thompson – 9 (3%)
Duncan Hunter – 10 (4%)
Mitt Romney – 14 (5%)
Ron Paul – 216 (81%)

CNN’s GOP “Debate” Rigged

Wolf Blitzer said that the CNN-controlled debate was going to give all candidates equal time to respond to each question. In-fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Obvious media bias was geared towards the “top tier” demagogues like “Ghouliani”, “double the size of Guantanamo Romney” and “torture is bad unless if I vote for it McCain.”

Despite all of this, and in contravention to the “wisdom” of CNN’s and other MSM “analysts,” Ron Paul won almost every online poll, indicating that the public believes that he won the debate.
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Ron Paul on the Dennis Miller Show

Here is an audio recording of Ron Paul on the Dennis Miller Show on May 30, 2007. During the interview, they discuss abortion, eminent domain, and the Iraq war.

Dennis says that he agrees with Dr. Paul on most of the issues except for the war. On that subject Dennis holds the arcane and debunked neo-con view that “we have to kill them or they will kill us.” Which is similar to the line of blarney used by war-mongers during the Vietnam war.

Video: Audio of the Ron Paul interview on Dennis Miller

Giuliani Gets a Visit from Concerned Citizens

Although 1 in 3 Americans believe in a 9/11 cover-up, they continue to refer to concerned citizens as “radicals” while war mongering demagogues like Giuliani are alright.

Video: Giuliani Confronted by Citizens who are concerned with his lies about the eleventh of September.

Giuliani Confronted By 9/11 Truthers, Lies About WTC Collapse

Though Giuliani is attempting to make a distinction of the fact that he expected the towers to fall after a period of time, this still doesn’t explain who gave him the warning and why he seems to flip-flop on this issue every time he is asked about it, while wearing a strange broad grin across his face.it also underscores the notion that the sudden implosion of the twin towers was an unnatural event and even Giuliani acknowledges this fact.The 9/11 truth activists led by Rudowski also confronted David Rockefeller at his home as well as the CFR at their main headquarters. Reports and video footage on those events will be forthcoming.

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Drama Queen Giuliani and MSM Distort Ron Paul’s Words During GOP Debate

The yellow journalists are doing a fine job of exposing their true intent, which is to bungle any chance that America has to return to a constitutional republic, yes it is the MAINSTREAM MEDIA which hates America, not Ron Paul.

It is chilling to watch the reporters say that “Ron Paul Blames America” and other such nonsense, when he was merely making the same point that the CIA made in its reports regarding America’s foreign policy’s effect on world opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

Ron Paul Upsets Controlled-Media Debate as Clear Winner

Pundits & Candidates Seek to Exile Statesman from Republican Party– In Spite of Leading Poll Numbers– Over His Anti-Torture, Anti-War and Anti-Tax Standpoint

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones / Jones Report | May 15, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul shook the establishment in last night’s second round of 2008 Republican debates for the Presidency. Not only did his anti-war, anti-torture and pro-liberty platform stand glaring in the face of those political whores dubbed as “top-tier” but he managed to catch the ire of 9/11 criminal Rudy Giuliani for daring to suggest aggressive foreign policy would stir up blowback.

What’s worse, Ron Paul interrupted the worship of establishment-selected candidates by winning the debate’s own poll and forcing FOX to cover the mere “second-tier” candidate– a distinction mainstream media have been using to marginalize those outside of direct control.

Video: Ron Paul at the Second GOP 2008 Presidential Debate

Ron Paul’s performance in his second debate victory– as moderators repeatedly suggest he doesn’t belong in the Republican party

Ron Paul garnered approximately 20 minutes of air-time on Fox alone last night– including about 10 minutes of debate questions and another 10 minutes composed of attacks and dismissals by pundits, other candidates and an interview with Hannity & Colmes. Read the rest of this entry »

Presidential Candidate: U.S. In Danger of Dictatorship

Congressman Ron Paul warns elite believe they own us and are “always prepared” to take our liberties

Steve Watson & Alex Jones | Infowars.net
Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Presidential candidate Ron Paul has warned that the US is now at a crisis point because the people have been so neglectful of protecting their liberties and big government has been so effective in eroding them. He warned that the elite are prepared to concoct events to scare the American people and asserted that the 2008 Presidential election is a contest between the people who care about their freedoms and those who are willing to succumb to the temptations of dictatorship. Read the rest of this entry »