CNN’s GOP “Debate” Rigged

Wolf Blitzer said that the CNN-controlled debate was going to give all candidates equal time to respond to each question. In-fact, nothing could be further from the truth.

Obvious media bias was geared towards the “top tier” demagogues like “Ghouliani”, “double the size of Guantanamo Romney” and “torture is bad unless if I vote for it McCain.”

Despite all of this, and in contravention to the “wisdom” of CNN’s and other MSM “analysts,” Ron Paul won almost every online poll, indicating that the public believes that he won the debate.

Analysis Shows Debate Was Rigged

Establishment candidates get double the amount of questions, triple the time

Paul Joseph Watson | Prison Planet
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A cursory analysis of last night’s Republican presidential candidate’s debate on CNN manifestly proves that, as in the case of the previous debates, the corporate media rigged the event in favor of establishment candidates while blacklisting underdogs like Ron Paul.

“I think we’re a powerful dark horse and I think we’re knocking right on the door and I think we’ve got some of the “top tier” candidates pretty nervous,” Ron Paul’s communications director Jesse Benton said today during an appearance on the Alex Jones Show.

Benton had one of his assistants calculate the figures, concluding that Ron Paul was asked eight questions and spoke for a total of 6-and-a-half minutes.

In comparison, Rudy Giuliani got 14 questions and spoke for 17 minutes – almost double the amount of questions and triple the amount of time – how can anyone claim that this is not a rigged debate when the establishment candidates are brazenly favored and lavished with attention?

This came to the fore last night when Wolf Blitzer asked a question about health care and Ron Paul – the only candidate on the podium who is also a medical doctor – was completely ignored.

In addition, after the debate Giuliani, Romney and McCain all got immediate interviews with either Wolf Blitzer or Larry King whereas Ron Paul was dismissed, despite the fact that he has been making headlines since the last debate after his confrontation with Rudy Giuliani and won CNN’s own debate poll.

Debunkers can make excuses about Ron Paul not being a front-runner, but the fact remains that Paul has won nearly every post-debate poll. Industry forecasters like are now on record with the fact that the momentum of Ron Paul’s campaign has propelled him from being an unknown also-ran to a strong contender – with seven months still left until the nomination. also confirm that the Texas Congressman’s support in telephone polls is higher than first estimated and growing all the time.

Even aside from this, in the past debates were strictly time-controlled and one candidate was not given preference over another. If this is the way the corporate media chooses to run the show then fair enough – but don’t pretend that these debates are anything other than undemocratic, staged and rigged theatre that are designed to cull underdogs while establishment-approved candidates are exalted.

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