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Obama + BP = Cap and Trade = Green Fascism

Its interesting how BP created a high profile crisis, then a man whom they gave significant sums of campaign contributions to, B.H. Obama, tries to sell the solution as Cap & Trade, which BP has lobbied for; itself standing to benefit from Cap & Trade quite handsomely through various schemes it has devised to take advantage of government subsidies and incentives.

If you step back and look at who benefits here, you can see that Obama is and has always been a BP stooge; taking their campaign “contributions,” backing their legislation, brokering “deals” like the 20B dollar escrow fund (a move which has no precedent in our society — what ever happened to the rule of law?).

Sure it all looks good as a PR stunt for Obama and BP. Play BP as the bad cop, punish them with the escrow fund, making them seem as if they’ve somehow “paid their debt to society.” Continue reading Obama + BP = Cap and Trade = Green Fascism