Back in June of 2005, Credo Mutawa and David Icke had a fascinating discussion on the history of Africa; a subject which is rarely understood by many in the non-African world. If you look into this history, and past the dis-info peddled by academia and the globalist press, you may find that many great things have happened in Africa over the past few millenniums.

Listen: David Icke and Credo Mutawa: News for the Soul (June 25, 2005)

According to Credo Mutawa, many of the so-called “inventions” of the modern age such as vaccinations, processed food, and a corn-based diet, are actually spiritually blinding our people.

When you sit back and think about it, it really boggles the mind. Why did the members of our society decide, in such a minuscule interval of time, to begin obtaining our dietary calories from white bread and corn?

If anything, this shows just how susceptible we are to mass marketing. The mass consumption of corn, in all its many forms, by our people, only benefits the medical industry and big agribusiness, is quite harmful to the environment, it contributes to the ever-growing obesity epidemic, and it is chiefly responsible for the increase in type II diabetes.

If you look back in the history books, a few millenia from now, I think you hear of a society which ate too much corn and slaughtered too many animals. This way of life was able to expand to great heights, but lacking substance and sustainability, it quickly degenerated.

The people were constantly plagued with disease, so they utilized vaccines laced with mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum, which themselves caused serious diseases. They sought the advice of “doctors” who further injured them with chemicals. They became fat, so they began eating chemical substitutes for the sweet tastes they were so addicted to.

They did everything… but solve the underlying problems. That is, perhaps, how we will be remembered.