What if I Told You… That This is Just the Beginning of your Journey


There are some things, that I think you need to know. I’m afraid, however, that many of you may not have the time, energy or patience to know them. Still, these things I want to tell you have the potential to change your life forever, to solve many of your most stubborn problems and to give you new insights into the nature of existence and our place in it.

So, you think you know something about the world and your place in it. Odds are, you’re only aware of a very small slice of what is, or even of what can be known, even from readily available information

What if I told you…

That most of what you believe about the nature of your body, mind and spirit is probably wrong.

That there are profound levels of understanding, that anyone can achieve, with proper practice and dedication.

That the body, mind and spirit are all quite real and hold within their very nature, many marvels that you do not even dimly suspect.

That unlocking these marvels is the key to health, happiness and the mastery of our true self.

If you suspect that there is anything to this, you’d probably find the prospects exciting. Yet, I know from experience, that it is difficult to transition into this kind of holistic awareness.  Maybe you think that you don’t have the time, energy or patience for it.  I think that if you do indeed dip your toe in, you’ll find that you won’t have to make time for it; the time will make itself.

You’re probably busy dealing with your constant problems or escaping into a fantasy world. But there are solutions to these problems, probably solutions to all of them, which would make that struggle irrelevant and escaping merely puts the problems off until later.  So rather than escaping, why not see what you’ve been missing?

I don’t know what to tell you, other than the fact that I’m tired of seeing our lives wasted, when real, deep, profound answers are there to be had. Why not look for the deeper answers? What do you really have to lose? Your problems? Your uncertainty? Your whimsical desire driven listlessness?

The nature of reality is actually simpler than you think; but first, you must let go.

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