Make a Raw Vegetable Lunch at your Desk

Eating lunch at work can be very healthy and cheap. You just need to bring a few things with you and you can even mix it all up at your desk. This particular Avocado and sprout based dish was made from sprouts I grew at my kitchen sink and inexpensive Avocados I obtained for $1 apiece at the store.

This dish cost less than $3 and has me filled up for the afternoon without having to drive anywhere or buy anything during work.

Raw Food Lunch: Ingredients
Step 1: Start with a bowl full of miscellaneous sprouts, two avocados, a handful of green beans and some Himalayan sea salt.
Cut Open the Avocados
Step 2: Cut open the Avocados with your fork, so you can add them to the bowl.
Add the Avocado to the bowl
Step 3: Scoop out the Avocado and add it into the bowl atop the sprouts.
Mix Everything Together
Step 4: Add some himalayan sea salt and mix the Avocados with the sprouts using your fork, then toss on some green beans around the edges.

That’s it, now you are ready to eat a very healthy, raw, vegetable-based lunch. You’ll have energy for the rest of the day and will be getting alot of healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

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