Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

I think that one of the keys to happiness, that has echoed in the voices of sages throught the ages, is to find pleasure in everyday things. As part of our survival, we must often do things that are mundane. If we can’t find the beauty in these experiences, how are we ever going to be truly happy?

I sense this misplaced striving, in many of us, to escape the ordinary. That escape is an illusion. Everything is ordinary, nothing is special. Most of what seems special is merely pretending, in vein, not to be ordinary and you are amused by it, for a time.

Everything is part of the same thing and the real sages understand that they are merely uncovering what we delude ourselves into not seeing. That everything is governed by the same underlying principles and as such, has a beauty and unity with all of existence.

Something to think about, as you go about your mundane day. It’s something I’ve been reminding myself of for years.

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